Reapers Airsoft: Maxx Model SRE/SRG for Silverback SRS/HTI


Reapers Airsoft checks out the Maxx Model SRE/SRG for Silverback Airsoft SRS/HTI airsoft sniper rifles... "Hi folks, after the very good TNT Terminator, today we are looking at the new Maxx Model SRE and SRG HopUp Chamber for Silverback SRS and HTI models. The chamber is precisely manufactured and easy to assemble, but can cause problems with VSR systems. I tested 4 combinations again and compared them with the TNT."

Wolverine Bolt M Silverback SRS Installation


The Wolverine Airsoft Bolt M can readily be fitted into bolt action airsoft sniper rifles so they can be HPA powered. An example is the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS as shown in this video... "In this episode of What the Tech?!?!, Rich shows how to install our new fully mechanical Bolt M HPA system in the Silverback SRS sniper rifle."

Silverback SRS Internal Co2 Reg Project Part 2


Here is the second part of Elementary Airsoft's Silverback Airsoft Desertech SRS Internal Co2 Reg Project and this covers Assembly and SDIK Install... "Part 2 of my Airsoft Desertech SRS Inernal Co2 Reg Project this covers the modification to the body of the gun and what kind of space is available to fit the co2 adapter and regulator in."

Silverback SRS Internal Co2 Reg Project #1


Elementary Airsoft shows part 1 of hos Co2 Regulator Project for the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS airsoft sniper rifle... "This video starts off a series on installing a internalized CO2 reg and adapter into the Silverback Desrtech SRS, along with the Mancraft SDIK.

Wolverine Bolt M For Silverback SRS


Rich shows the version of the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt M for the Silverback Airsoft SRS sniper rifle. This allows you to power the sniper rifle with HPA and installing it is a cinch with a quick change that comes with an air attachment system. It is a fully mechanical design for a battery-free operation.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom Silverback Airsoft SRS


Here is a quick demo of the Airsoftjunkiez Custom Silverback SRS available in black and FDE version. This comes with a Prometheus 590mm 6.03 Barrel, Silverback 80* Bucking
Silverback Suppressor, M160 Spring, and this has a muzzle velocity of 3.3j using the HPA .45g BBs. Accessories seen in the video are not included in the price.

Silverback Airsoft SRS Lightweight Edition


L'Antre du Dingo tells us what he thinks about the limited and premium-priced SRS Lightweight Edition from Silverback Airsoft... "When Silverback decide to make a limited amount of SRS precision bb-rifles, they decide to divide its weight by two and only release 100 pieces for the whole world! Let's have a look at it, yes, I could get one thanks to Gaël, one of my subscribers!"

TFBTV: Desert Tech SRS Review


The Fiream Blog TV reviews the DesertTech SRS Rifle, already a favourite amongst airsoft players as the Silverback Airsoft SRS A1 is an excellent performer as a sniper rifle... "In this episode of TFBTV, Ivan (from Kit Badger) puts in some time with the Desert Tech SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) Rifle.

300 Feet Shot With SRS Custom Sniper


We're getting more videos showing that the Silverback SRS Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is getting to be preferred rifle for extreme distance shooting. Airsoft GI Uncut episode shows a custom Silverback SRS that can reach a target at 300 feet. If you have some extreme distance shooting airsoft videos, drop us a message to tell us more about them.

Silverback Airsoft SRS Model 2018


Silverback Airsoft that the DesertTech SRS Sniper Model 2018 will be released next month... "Hi All! The current version of the SRS is discontinued, a new version, Model 2018, will hit the market mid-October. The Pull bolt system has prevailed, the Push bolt system SRS is discontinued (conversion kit will still be produced).

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