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TFBTV: Desert Tech SRS Review

The Fiream Blog TV reviews the DesertTech SRS Rifle, already a favourite amongst airsoft players as the Silverback Airsoft SRS A1 is an excellent performer as a sniper rifle... "In this episode of TFBTV, Ivan (from Kit Badger) puts in some time with the Desert Tech SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) Rifle.

300 Feet Shot With SRS Custom Sniper

We're getting more videos showing that the Silverback SRS Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle is getting to be preferred rifle for extreme distance shooting. Airsoft GI Uncut episode shows a custom Silverback SRS that can reach a target at 300 feet. If you have some extreme distance shooting airsoft videos, drop us a message to tell us more about them.

Silverback Airsoft SRS Model 2018

Silverback Airsoft that the DesertTech SRS Sniper Model 2018 will be released next month... "Hi All! The current version of the SRS is discontinued, a new version, Model 2018, will hit the market mid-October. The Pull bolt system has prevailed, the Push bolt system SRS is discontinued (conversion kit will still be produced).

What’s new:

New Record For Longest Airsoft Shot

That didn't last long. The 130 metre shot made by Simon the airsoft sniper from Taiwan that we posted early this week gets outranged by Bowy Swast of Switzerland. He made the long range shot using also a customised Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS-A1 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, reaching 145 metres or 475 feet.We just wish that more cameras should have been used for this shot.

Twisted Barrel For Silverback Airsoft SRS

Silverback Airsoft announce that they are rolling a Twisted Barrel for the SRS rifle. This is 25" long with 8 groves twisted fluting. It is made og 6061 T6 CNC Aluminium and black hard anodized. It weighs 485grames just for the outer barrel and can accommodate an inner barrel up to 650mm.

Gun Gamers On The Silverback SRS

It's a sniper rifle this time for the Gun Gamers to give their thoughts on. In this episode, Kyle covers a much well-received airsoft sniper rifle, the Silverback fully licensed DesertTech SRS Sniper Rifle... "Today on Gun Gamers, Kyle gives his thoughts on the Silverback SRS airsoft sniper rifle. Enjoy!"

FG-Airsoft SBA SRS Pull+Push Bolt

FG-Airsoft show their pull+push system designed for the Silverback Airsoft SRS Sniper Rifle... "With the FG-AIRSOFT Pull+Push system, one half of the energy is accumulated by pulling the bolt, the other half by pushing it. It's twice less hard! That's really easier to keep the target in the scope when reloading. Compatible Pull or Push version"

New Releases From Silverback Airsoft

Silverback Airsoft announce some new external parts that can be used with the Silverback SRS Rifle, starting with the Scope Mount showin in the top photo... "Fully CNC AL 6061 T6 scope mount with hard black anodize finish. 34 mm rings (30 and 25 mm rubber adapter included), for picatinny standard (MIL-STD-1913), including a spirit level at the back side. This scope mount is a flat version (0 MOA inclinaison). Desert Tech licensed product, for airsoft use only.

Silverback SRS With Experimental B-Hop

Brain Exploder snipes at longer ranges with his Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle equipped with the experimental B-Hop... "Final engagement of the 2 day airsoft milsim event at Range 131. This one is a showcase of long range capabilities of my Silverback SRS equipped with the experimental B-hop (Brain Hop). Reaching well over 250 feet and that's a good thing as some of these players require several BBs to be convinced that they are hit."

Silverback SRS A1 Sport At Bunny Workshop

Now in stock right now at Bunny Workshop is the Silverback SRS A1 Sport with the Pull Bolt. Whilst this is the 20-inch version barrel and rail system length can be changed quickly. It comes with a 6.05mm AEG Barrel and available in black, tan, or olive dran with option of the bolt being on the left or right.