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New Element Taclight & Red Ray Reviews

In this latest set of reviews by Airsoft Community Italy, Mazariol reviews the New Element High Reflection Flashlight and DeB follows through with his walkthrough of the Red Ray Laser Tag System with a full review on how it can be utilized for skirmishes. They have improved their story pages, making it cleaner and easier to distinguish the language entries as the reviews are both done in the Italian and English Languages.

Nextorch TL1 Coming To Airsoft World

The Nextorch TL1 is a handgun tactical LED light that can throw a good 200 lumens on a single CR123A battery. Airsoft World is expecting to be in stock again today and will be selling it for $59.95... "We know how it is, there you are with a spanky new pistol, rails and everything, and you're wondering 'what shall I put on this next..?'

Here's the answer!

Red Laser & CREE LED Torch Combo Review

Latest review from Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey... "The LASER unit provides a strong steady beam and the CREE LED torch is certainly sufficient for any pistol shooting in the dark. The head modules just screw into the main body of the unit and are extremely easy to change mid game. This means less weight as you don’t have to carry dedicated units into games with you, result! The units are small enough to store in a small pouch as well.

EA IT M6X Visible Laser Basic Kit

You can get this M6X basic kit at eHobby Asia for just US$49.99. This has a 3-type switch mode: laser, flashlight, and Laser + Flashlight. You can mount this on any airsoft gun, whether a pistol or a rifle, though it'll be better for a pistol which has a mount for such lighting accessory. It is powered by 2 CR123a batteries and includes a remote pressure switch.

MIC M6x TLI Style Tactical Laser Illuminator Video

Latest video upload from Massive Defense Shop. Costing US$44.50, this reasonably priced illumanator also comes with IR filter, laser, and flashlight, making it an all in one accessory for your AEG (no, it doesn't do toast for you). This is powered by 2 CR123A batteries and comes with a mount for 20mm rails. Click on the link below to learn more about this. Thanks to Jackson of MDS for the news of their latest video.

Rico EVO 2 Tactical Weapon LED Light System

I was just going over a story about the use of Tactical Lights and it's a coincidence that this came out at Airsoft GI. Features a design that allows ambidextrous use to keep the Lefties happy. Available for around US$349.99... "The Rico Evo 2 Tactical Weapon Light System is basically a shortened LED version of the Rico Alpha 9.

M6X Laser Tactical Illuminator w/ infrared filter

Those who use night vision googles or scopes can check this item at eBayBanned, as it is an M6X Tactical Illuminator with infrared filter and is available for US$71.00. Having this will boost your night vision capabilities as it assists the your NV equipment. Good for those with older generation NVs.

Wolf Eyes Champion Torch

New items this September at Wolf Armouries... "In addition to the fantastic P7 bulbs this month, we've also got Wolf Eye's latest creation, the Champion in stock now­! This model excels as a handheld torch, being slight­ly smaller than the standard tactical Sniper series and larger than the pocket illumination of the Angel series.

Maxpedition MOLLE Light package

Maxpedition provides you with a light pack for your MOLLE vests and PALs webbing... "Bringing back the anglehead design of the past for today's MOLLE equipped gears, the MOLLE Light fits through PALs webbing for secured hands-free attachment on Maxpedition packs, MOLLE vests and other compatible equipment. The top-positioned button enables operation without removing from the webbing.


Pentagon EX2 Xenon Handheld Light

More on tactical lighting products from 6Mil... "The eX2 has all the core elements of our higher end X2 tactical handheld light. Whether you are using it for low light tactical maneuvers or as a backup light, eX2 meets illumination requirements of a tactical operator to the needs of a patrol officer. The light beam is pre-focused at the factory for optimal centre intensity in achieving the longest distance.