Acetech Thor At X-Force Tactical


The Thor unit from Acetech is available now at X-Force Tactical as it can also be mounted on Gel Blasters... "We have a quick look at the Thor suppressor and tracer unit by Acetech.  These are specially made for the Vector with the BiFrost M tracer unit built-in."

Acetech Raider Tracer Test


One of the tracer units in the market, the Acetech Raider, gets tested by Sniper Airsoft Supply which has it in stock... "Brand new: The Raider Tracer from Acetech! With this tracer unit, playing airsoft in the dark is a lot of fun! Acetech has already released several tracer units, which are also available in our online shop.

Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit With Multi Color Flame Effect


Another take on the Acetech Bifrost tracer unit with this video from JKArmy... "The Bifrost simulates muzzle flash, with Multi-color flame effect.The effect of flame depends on volume of gas or fog around the muzzle, more volume makes better effect. Also, the Bifrost provides colored BBs track function which can be achieved by standard BBs with the built-in RGB Flame LED.

Valken Tango Tracer Unit Overview


Valken Airsoft got also their own Tracer unit for use on airsoft guns. In this video get a quick a understanding on their Tango Tracer Unit works... "The Valken Tango Tracer Unit is a barrel mounted tracer unit for airsoft rifles and pistols. It's improved illuminator uses two high powered UV LED's that enhance BB glow activation for an ultra bright trace.

What Is An Airsoft Tracer?


MiR Tactical talks about what an airsoft tracer is and about AceTech airsoft tracer units in this video. Good for beginners to watch and learn more about the tooks that airsoft players use... "Come join Slex in our vlog and learn about our huge selection of AceTech Tracers. This one is for all you pistol lovers out there."

Hyperdouraku's Acetech BiFrost Review


Acetech's latest tracer unit and a multi-coloured one at that, the BiFrost, gets scrutinised by Hyperdouraku... "Introducing the ACETECH tracer, Bifrost with a video.
If you wear a tracer in a night game and shoot an air gun, you can enjoy it as if it were fireworks.

This bi-frost is a super fun rainbow-colored tracer that shines in 7 colors with a further evolution of the muzzle flash function!"

Ace1 Arms Ferfrans CRD-Style Flame Tracer


Lots of choices for tracer units with muzzle flash generators these days from different companies and that is always a good thing. The latest in the airsoft market is the Ferfrans CRD-Style Flame Tracer Unit from Ace1 Arms. TactiCool开箱哥 does an unboxing and quick review of this unit...

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