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BB2K Airsoft: Acetech AT1000 & Lighter Units

Bruce gets to enjoy some shooting in dark with this review of the Acetech AT1000 & Lighter Tracer Units in this BB2K Airsoft video review... "An airsoft game at night is something special. If you use a tracer unit for your airsoft you will have fun. The light trail pulled through the night is reminiscent of a laser battle by StarWars. Today I'll show you the AT1000 and the little Acetech Lighter from Acetech, which does not have to hide in performance.

Custom HPA Shotgun With Tracer Unit

Now this is an interesting an HPA-powered airsoft gun. USAirsoft features this custom HPA-powered airsoft shotgun which comes with an integrated tracer unit. It is a three-barreled airsoft shotgun so it is interesting how the blast works when this HPA shotgun is fired. Watch the video below to learn more about it. Dytac Mini Tracer Demo

Two quick video demos from showing the Dytac Mini Tracer. This uses the Xcortech XT301 mini tracer tech which the Dytac guys love. What they did is fit into a mini-mock suppressor shell so that it will fit the Dytac AEGs, especially with their SLR B15 M4 AEG. This uses the 14mm CCW thread so check your airsoft gun first if it has this thread before purchasing it.

Bullgear: PTW Upgrade To HPA + Tracer

What travesty is this? An HPA upgrade to a very expensive airsoft gun, a Systema PTW. Anyway, Bullgear shows the reworking of a Systema PTW and Celcius CTW with the BBD Bullgear Conversion Kit, allowing it to be powered with HPA. The CTW is said to be a clone of the PTW, so it can be converted as well. A tracer has been integrated into this HPA build.

Xcortech XT301 Tracer Silencer Review

Airsoft Review en Español is the latest to review an already familiar product to airsoft players, the XT301 Tracer-Suppressor from Xcortech. A compact tracer unit, a single charge of the battery can light up the 20,000 tracer BBs. It can light up tracer BBs at a maximum of 35rps and can be charged with a Micro-USB cable.

Airsoft Mike: Xcortech XT301 Tracer

Airsoft Mike reviews the Xcortech XT301 Tracer Unit probably the smallest tracer unit available at airsoft retailers today... "I get my hands on the smallest Airsoft Tracer I have ever owned! Many thanks to XCORTECH for sending this to me, so I can unbox and test.. Airsoft Mike style!

Hyperdouraku: Compact Tracer Shootout

It's a battle of compact tracer units for Hyperdouraku this time and it's about Tracer Units. These are designed to look like suppressors but housing a illumination unit to light up phosphorescent BBs as they pass through a unit when fired. In this comparison, he has the Acetech Lighter, Xcortech XTR301 Compact, Acetech Lighter S, and the DCI Guns ULT Match. The Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer is also included for reference.

Hyperdouraku 0.16g Photon Tracer BBs

Hyperdouraku got his own 0.16g Tracer BBs called Photon BB. Why such a weight? Well, his idea is that a 0.16g BB weight is ideal for indoor CQB games as wind factor is not exactly an issue as compared to outdoor games. Having them phosphorescent BBs or tracer BBs brings the fun in dimly lit CQB game sites, and a delight for those who use action cams to get gameplay videos.

Indomitus Airsoft: Acetech AT1000 Review

Indomitus Airsoft gives his seal of approval to the Acetech AT1000 Airsoft Trace. Find out why in this quick video review... "If you are in the market for an airsoft tracer and want to get the best bang for your buck- this is hands down the one you want. Very reliable, simple to use, and just a solid product over all. This is a great tracer and worth every dollar."

CM126 Pistol With Xcortech XT301 Tracer

Geonox Airsoft got a new AEP, the CYMA CM.126 Gen 2 AEP which is based on the M9 pistol. He also kits it out twith the Xcortech XT301 Tracer... "Here I introduce the CM126 AEP and the Xcortech XT301 and show you the highlights that I particularly like about the Airsoft pistol and the Tracer."