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Modern Airsoft: Elite Force HK416A5 Review

Modern Airsoft's tech guy goes over the Elite Force HK416A5 AEG that is made by VFC for this video review... "The Elite Force H&K 416-A5 CQB Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle by VFC is one of newest additions in the 416 market for the airsoft industry. This gun has a full metal construction for a rigid and durable build. The rifle features officially licensed H&K trademarks all over the weapon.

Reapers Airsoft: VFC Umarex HK G3A3 GBB

Review from Reapers Airsoft on the new Umarex Heckler & Koch G3A3 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC. This is done in German but we highly recommend this review as it is comprehensive... "Hi guys, after a long wait, the HK G3 GBB (Gas Blwoback) from VFC / Umarex is finally available. We have taken the Airsoft / Airair back under the microscope for you and show you in review / test as usual again all strengths and weaknesses."

DesertFox: Elite Force HK416A5 AEG

In another Straight Outta the Box episode, DesertFox Airsoft initially checks out the fully licensed Elite Force HK416A5 AEG OEM by Vega Force Company (VFC)... "Is the Elite Force/Umarex HK416A5 too hype for it's own good? Jet DesertFox gives his first impressions of the Elite Force/Umarex H&K 416A5 airsoft AEG."

Crusader Adjustable Steel Bolt Carrier

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the Crusader Adjustable Steel Bolt Carrier Set for VFC M4 GBBR... "Good news for VFC M4 GBBR users, we are pre ordering its steel bolt carrier set presented by Crusader Tech. Which provides very strong kick and high performance, and production in very small you gotta have one!

VFC H&K 416A5 AEG First Impressions

The new Elite Force HK416A5 AEG OEM by Vega Force Company (VFC) is available now at Airsoft GI, and here is an first impressions video by Cisco for this Airsoft GI Uncut episode... "Cisco takes his first look at the new H&K 416A5 by VFC. Since he owns a 416 CQB, we thought he might like this new version!"

ASGI's Elite Force HK416A5 AEG Overview

The AEG version of the Elite Force HK416A5 OEM by VFC is now available at Airsoft GI and here is an overview video they made to show you the features of this AEG... "Vega Force Company was founded in 2004, worldwide reputed by its professional on making highly realistic Airsoft replica with custom grade performance of internal mechanical design, which makes end users have better shooting and operating experience.

Mach Sakai: SIG MCX By Cybergun

Mach Sakai gets his hands on the SIG MCX AEG from Cybergun and OEM by VFC. Not much to say about this AEG as this has been out now and it is one of the SBRs/PDW style AEGs that has been getting attention of airsoft players. He checks it out if it is faithful externally and if operates as expected plus the usual target plinking to find out how responsive the AEG is. Umarex VFC HK416A5 AEG

Here is Matt to tell yoou about the Umarex HK416A5 AEG OEM by VFC that comes with Avalon internals in this video... "The HK 416 A5 AEG is a licensed, authentic replica of the real 416 A5 rifle made by world renowned firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch.

Airsoft GI: Cybergun Sig Sauer MCX

Another video from Airsoft GI on the Cybergun Sig Sauer MCX AEG. Fully licensed and OEM by VFC, this AEG includes three springs as it comes with a quick spring change system to meet game field limits. Initial muzzle velocity is 300-310fps and comes with a 120 round mid-capacity AEG magazine.

VFC G3A3 GBB Pre-Order At WGC Shop

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the VFC/Umarex G3A3 Gas Blowback Rifle that feature easy hop-up adjustment and the latest VFC Gas Blowback System... "The G3A3 is the first model mass produced for military service in the G3 series rifle. It's a combination of the steel stamped body and green polymer furniture have become an iconic appearance in the history of firearms.