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The Tantalum Contract: Everyone has a Price

The Tantalum Contract

African conflict minerals, mercenary armies and a tagline that reads, “The government is corrupt. The companies are ruthless. The rewards are lucrative. And you...are expendable” If this sounds like the trailer for the next Bourne film, it’s not far from the truth.

From the creative minds at Moondog Industries comes a new large scale airsoft event slated for late September in New York’s Hudson Valley. Set in the fictitious African nation of Ubinda, players will choose a to join of of three private security firms working for rival mining cartels.

“Most large-scale airsoft games try to simulate armies of the major powers, but this is less COD4 and more Army of Two or Jagged Aliance.” says game creator Moondog.

Each ‘firm’ will be given a choice of a dozen different missions designed to ‘out badass’  the other company’s mercenaries. The producers have gone to far as to create individual recruitment ads and mock corporate website for each security firm, which is a nice touch.

Anglo-Sino Security

Global Resource Defense Enterprises

Kiev-Afrikaner Secure Holdings

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