Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG


Hristo Airsoft Trgovina talk about a compact AEG that they have in stock, the Specna Arms RRA & SI SA-E17 EDGE PDW AEG. The Rock River Arms replica, a product of an American firearms manufacturer known for high-quality AR-15 carbines, boasts licensed markings and a meticulous design. Its body is coated with Nano Coating to prevent wear and tear, and features unique details like a QD pistol grip and a double-sided tactical sling mounting eye.

High Ready Airsoft: Specna Arms SA-46 EDGE


High Ready Airsoft give their take on the Specna Arms SA-46 EDGE LMG in this video. The Specna Arms EDGE series is a line of machine guns that are built with high-quality materials such as steel, aluminum alloy, and plastic. These guns come ready to use straight out of the box, with no need for modifications unless desired.

Specna Arms Rock River Arms EDGE 2.0


Combat Casual tries a Specna Arms Rock River Arms EDGE 2.0 AEG to find out if EDGE 2.0 is worth the hype as hasn't tried one before. The EDGE 2.0 models, based on the full-metal construction of the SPECNA ARMS EDGE AEG replicas, include standard and Rock River Arms licensed replicas. The upgraded version features a GATE ASTER unit with optical sensors, a high-torque motor, a flat hop-up, and an ESA2 system for enhanced performance.  

Venture Shop On The Specna Arms M4 EDGE Line


In this episode, Venture Shop talks about the Specna Arms EDGE line of AEGs... "Hey guys! For today's video, we have a complete and super detailed analysis of the new models, on the M4 platform, of the EDGE 2.0 line by Specna Arms. Get ready to be impressed by the power, precision and innovation of these airsoft! Want to know more about the build quality, performance and user experience of these beauties? So come closer and check it all out by pressing play on the video!"

Hunter Airsoft On The Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-E08 EDGE AEG


We get another take on the Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-E08 EDGE AEG if it is an AEG that will be recommended by Hunter Airsoft after his review. The Specna Arms RRA SA-E08 EDGE M4 Rifle is an AEG that is equipped with a variety of features, including a KEYMOD handguard, a factory-fitted MOSFET X-ASR module, an internal precision barrel, and an ESA Quick Spring Change System. The replica also features an ORION gearbox that is ready for cooperation with M140 springs.

Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-E03 EDGE Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft gives his first impressions on the Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-E03 EDGE in this unboxing video... "In this video I finally got the chance to unbox a Specna Arms product. Thanks to Mike for letting me borrow this to do the video. I have heard a lot of mixed things about Specna, so come and see how I got on!"

Specna Arms SA-E07 EDGE AEG Review By Airsoft Skills


Portuguese language airsoft Channel Airsoft Skills does a review of the Specna Arms SA-E07 EDGE AEG. This AEG comes with a metal receiver, a Keymod handguard, flip-up sights, and a 14 mm thread with an amplifier. It has a 6.03 mm inner barrel with a plastic hop-up, a crane stock with a Deans connection and a Gate X-ASR mosfet, and an Orion gearbox with a quick spring change system and steel and aluminium parts. It also has Rock River Arms markings and a nano coating for durability.

Captain Airsoft: Specna Arms RRA SA-E10 PDW EDGE


Captain Airsoft loves the Specna Arms RRA SA-E10 PDW EDGE AEG for CQB games. As it is very compact, it is also highly manoeuvrable... "Hello guys!  I've been lucky enough to try out the next level of Specna Arms, AND I LOVE IT! The Specna Arms EDGE offers an upgraded PDW for the price of a stock rifle. I've said it before and I will say it again... Specna Arms are convincing me. they are great!"

Specna Arms SA-J07 EDGE At Strike Shop


Strike Shop, an airsoft retail shop in Ukraine, gives us their take on the Specna Arms SA J07 EDGE AEG, an airsoft AK-74 available at their store... "The Specna Arms AK-74 SA-J07 EDGE™ Black assault rifle is a Kalashnikov airsoft machine of the improved EDGE™ line, where steel parts prevail.

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