U.S. Marines: The Right Heroes


A video released by the US Marine Corps about the Marines who went into Fallujah in 2004 to clear it from insurgents... "On the night of November 7, 2004, more than 10,000 Marines and Soldiers launched Operation Phantom Fury with the objective of clearing the insurgent-held city of Fallujah, Iraq. Among these troops were LCpls. John Dugan, Jorge Jerez and Daniel Sloniker, all infantry Marines assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines.

DesertFox Airsoft: Echo1 USA Spectre RDP


DesertFox Airsoft checks out the newly opened SC Village "Fallujah" field and goes to play with the Echo1 USA Spectre RDP AEG... "In this video we're playing on SC Village's new field (Summer 2015) Fallujah. This field is definitely one of my favorites, it's straight urban combat.

The gun I'm using in this video is the Echo 1 USA Spectre RDP with a Madbull Noveske KX3 amplifier."

Giant Sportz "Fallujah" Field at SC Village


Will and Greg The Beard show you the new field built by Giant Sportz at SC Village. Called "Fallujah" it is their first two-storey airsoft and paintball facility named after the city in Iraq where the most recent dangerous close quarters combat took place between Coalition Forces and Iraqi insurgents...

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