GM Tatico: King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver


GM Tatico reviews King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver that is available at most airsoft retailers around the world. The King Arms SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver is a gas-powered handgun with a full metal body and a polymer grip. This revolver features metal shells that can be removed and reloaded. It operates on Green Gas, which is stored in the grip.

Bunny Review: Umarex Colt SAA Peacemaker


ThisIan reviews the Umarex Colt SAA Peacemaker Revolvers that are now available at Bunny Workshop... "This is a Classic Colt revolver replicas from the Old West from Umarex. They all have an authentic look & finishing with markings. It has a Realistic Bullet Type housing chamber that stores 2 Pellets each and the extraction rod works as a loader tool to store extra 1 round.

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