King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago At Strike Planet


The favourite of Chicago gangsters, the M1928 Thompson, is available in airsoft form made by King Arms and in stock at Strike Planet. The receiver is full metal and has a one piece fluted outer barrel with the 9mm gearbox now equipped with a MOSFET. The wood kits are actually polymer made to look like highly polished wood.

Disassembly & Assembly Of The E&L Airsoft AKM AEG


Strike Planet does a takedown and putting back together of a new line of AK AEGs such as the AKM from E&L Airsoft... "Not so long ago, our online store received a fresh supply of products from E&L Airsoft. Products from this delivery have an article number ending in 'S', the price is an order of magnitude lower than the manufacturer's line under the designation "Gen.2", but there is no information on the specifications of these models.

StrikeArt AT4 Airsoft Launcher Overview


The StrikeArt AT4 airsoft grenade launcher is available at Strike Planet, a Russia-based airsoft retailer. Based on the Swedish AT4 man-portable, single-shot, disposable, recoilless smoothbore anti-tank weapon, this airsoft version is designed to use the  StrikeArt VRPGS 40 "Igla" (Needle), a 40mm pyro grenade that has a range of around 150-179 metres when launched.

Strike Planet's Take On The VFC AKS-74N


Russiann airsoft retailer has this to say about the VFC AKS-74N AEG that they have in stock... "Vega Force Company made a great steel pressed receiver, to express the fine texture of AK-74 series with realistic CED Electric Coating. It is really sturdy and lightweight.

Strike Planet's "Granite 14" Airsoft Movie

OptimusPrime sends us a link to their YouTube Channel about their latest video, "Granite 14" airsoft movie and it's a good one to watch... "Sypnosis: Command of 'Americans' receives intelligence information about transportation by 'Russians' of an important chip for their air defense control system. A special team of 'Americans' moves in to the the designated sector with the purpose of  neutralizing the escorts and to retrieve a chip.

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