AceTech AceHIVE Vs Airsofters


AirsoftNEXT is getting good fun with the AceTech AceHIVE 40mm gas shell BB shower which usually pairs with the Spawner quick reload tool... "The newest product on the market! AceHive grenades and 'Spawner' loader from acetech! Super fast loading of BB's after each shot and even with 2 pieces you can still be super active in the game!"

Acetech Blaster AK Tracer Demo


Acetech put out video demonstrating a light show with the Blaster AK Tracer by Jeff The Kid. This device, compatible with airsoft AKs, uses bright LEDs to simulate a muzzle flash and illuminate tracer BBs, all while being weatherproof, shake-activated for easy use, and delivering impressive brightness.

Capsule Airsoft Lab: Acetech AceHive Launcher


Capsule Airsoft Lab checks out the Acetech AceHive gas grenade for airsoft use by making a handheld launcher for it. This is sold with the AceTech Spawner which is the speedloader designed for 40mm gas grenade shells such as the AceHive... "Wiset playing with La Cueva del Táccal (Viru, Nico and Berta) with the ACEHIVE 40mm Airsoft grenades from Acetech."

Nonocat With The Acetech AceHive x Spawner


Nonocat gets her hands on the Acetech AceHive x Spawner system that 40mm launcher owners might want to own... "Acetech's brand new tracer is in town! ... and... wait... This isn't a tracer....
Wait... what?! This looks like a 40mm Airsoft Grenade which seems to load insanely easy and fast?!?!

This is the brand new AceHive x Spawner 40mm Grenade System and possibly the best non-pyro 40mm airsoft grenade in the market?"

Battle Airsoft Spain: Evolution MK18 & Bifrost BT


Battle Airsoft Spain gets to test the Evolution MK18 AEG and Bifrost BT in this video... "Today from Harrods we bring you the review of this MK18 from the Evolution brand. This replica is intended for use in both cqb and open environments. In this replica, we are going to find the top of the range of the EVOLUTION brand, its completely metal handguard body, giving it tremendous solidity and robustness when picking up the replica.

Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition Review


It's the turn of Timerzanov Airsoft to try the Acetech AC6000BT MKIII Exclusive Edition if it is a good chrono for airsoft players and game site owners to have... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a new product from Acetech, so this is the first time that I offer you the review of a chronograph. So today I present to you the AC6000BT MKIII model in its Exclusive Edition version. So good or bad product?

L'Antre Du Dingo With The Acetech AceHive & Spawner


L'Antre Du Dingo checks how convenient to use the Acetech AceHive & Spawner for use with 40mm gas grenade shells. The AceHive, a device with a patented snap closure design, allows for quick reloading and secure storage of BBs in its semi-transparent container, capable of firing 80 BBs per shot and compatible with all 40mm dummy grenade launchers.

Airsoft Mike With The Acetech Bifrost R Tracer


Airsoft Mike sees red as he unboxes and gives his impressions on the Acetech Bifrost R tracer unit. Acetech Bifrost R is a tracer unit designed for Red tracer BB’s, featuring powerful UV LED’s and compatibility with Green tracers. It simulates multi-colored muzzle flash with RGB LED’s, without requiring Tracer BB’s. The device is IP65 protected, has a shake-to-power-on feature, and provides a bright tracer BB.

AceTech Predator MK II Review By Indomitus Airsoft


Another look at the AceTech Predator MK II tracer unit with Indomitus Airsoft trying it and sharing what he thinks about it. The Predator MKII contains the Acetech Brighter C module, which is the smallest and lightest tracer unit for airsoft AEG/GBB. Its small size allows for easy installation into silencers or hand-guards with an inner space larger than its dimensions (Diameter: 28mm or 1.1 inches, Length: 56mm or 2.21 inches).

Timerzanov Airsoft: Acetech AceHive & Spawner Starter Pack


It's the turn of Timerzanov Airsoft of the Acetech AceHive & Spawner Starter Pack for use with 40mm gas grenade shells and it is now available at airsoft retailers... "Hello everyone ! I'm very happy to present the brand new product from @acetechofficial! The AceHive & Spawner, a pack of 40mm airsoft grenades and its ultra-fast loading system! A novelty proposed by Acetech which will delight 40mm airsoft users.

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