AceTech AC6000 Chrono Quick Look


A quick look video from Airsoft Megastore showing the AceTech AC6000 Chronograph and it is in stock at their online store... "No matter what game you play or loadout you carry, a quality Chrono is invaluable to any airsofter’s arsenal. The AceTech AC6000 comes with features like a backlit display, customizable settings, and an extra-wide tube to make your gun-tuning experience as smooth as possible."

BB2K Airsoft Acetech AC6000 Chrono


BB2K Airsoft's Bruce does a more comprehensive video review on the Acetech AC6000 Chrono... "Today I introduce to you the Acetech AC6000 Chrono, which has everything on board to measure the energy (Joule, FPS, m / s), the Rate of Fire ROF (RPM, RPS). The MAX, MIN and AVG values for FPS and ROF are displayed and the last 25 shots are saved. Up to 5 BB types can be stored, which you use more often. So caliber 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 17.3mm (.68 Rubberballs) pose no problem.

Airsoftology: Acetech AC6000 Chrono Review


On Jonathan Higg's hands is the AC6000 Chrono from Acetech. This can measure 90fps to 1,200fps and an ROF Range of 100 to 6000 RPM. As for the read out, it can be clearly red with the 128x128 pixel OLED screen. The chrono is powered by 4 AAA batteries and has a thread at the bottom for tripod mounts. Watch the Airsoftology video below to learn more:

USAirsoft On The Acetech AC6000


USAirsoft reviews his new Chrono, the Acetech A600. This can measure from 90fps up to 1,200fps and ROF range from 100-6000 RPM. It has an OLED screen for readouts, a large tube, and can be mounted on a tripod.... "My New Chronograph and Yes, I Recommend it. - Acetech AC6000."

ACETech AC6000 Chrono At WGC Shop


In stock right now at WGC Shop is the ACETech AC6000 Chronograph for use in airsoft which they sau is of high quality and accuracy. It can measure muzzle velocut from 90 feet per second to 1,200 feet per second and ROF range of 100-6000 RPM. The are ammo parameter settings with 5 memory slates and an IR sensor that has calculation functions.

New Acetech AC6000 Chrono At CWI Airsoft


Acetech, founded by former Xcortech people has released a chrono called the AC6000 and it is available right now at CWI Airsoft... "AC6000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracy. It supports Micro-USB (5V/0.5A) power input or use 4 AAA alkaline batteries. It has a user-friendly interface with 128*128 pixel OLED in white color. The BBs  parameter settings supports 5 memory slots with 25 memory slots for velocity and ROF (Rate of fire).

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