Garand Thumb: Which Barrel Length Is Best For An AR-15?


A real steel session with Garand Thumb as he looks into barrel lengths to find out which works bests with an AR-15. Will this also be relevant in airsoft? Watch the video... "Everyone argues but few do, today we put our money where our mouth is and perform some testing on different barrel lengths to find the best barrel length."

Garand Thumb: The Bren 2


Garand Thumb goes through the paces with the CZ Bren 2 7.62×51 NATO Carbine... "The Bren 2 is a new rifle that has seen lots of combat action with the Ukranian War. Despite a lukewarm reaction to the CZ 805 Bren, the Bren 2 seems to be garnering a reputation as a capable combat rifle. So how does it perform? Today we go in depth.

Garand Thumb: The Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol


Garand Thumb takes the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol to the range to find out if it is the best combat shotgun for its price... "The Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol is a shotgun review I’ve been very excited to bring you. We’ve put an insane amount of time on this shotgun and I hope you enjoy today’s video."

Garand Thumb: Will Air Guns Replace Rimfires?


Garand Thumb goes to try some air guns which are as powerful as a .22. The question is, will these powerful air guns be able to replace rimfires? Watch the video to find out... "In today's video we look at emerging technology in powerful Air Rifles. In the future could these be more ubiquitous as the technology matures? Are the rifles as they stand right now worth it? Tune in to today's video to find out!"

Garand Thumb With The VSS Vintorez


Garand Thumb tries the VSS Vintorez if it is the quietest sniper rifle Russia has to offer... "The VSS 'Vintorez' is such an odd rifle that was in many ways massively ahead of it's time. The 9x39 is closest to the 8.6 blackout in terms of bullet weight (though it still lighter than those loadings typically). In today's video we take one of the few examples in the United States and go over this very fascinating design."

Garand Thumb: M16A2 As The Worst Service Rifle Upgrade


Garand Thumb talks about the M16A2 rifle and upgrades made to it which he says don't make sense... "There is no other weapon that I am more obsessed with than the M16A2 with attached M203. It is in every way the best looking rifle that I have ever seen. The M16A2 however as a whole had many odd upgrades over the M16A1 that made didn't make sense.

Garand Thumb: SIG Sauer MG 338


Will the SIG Sauer MG 338 be the replacement of the Ma Deuce in the U.S. Army as it was designed as the weapon to bridge the gap between the M240 GPMG and the Browning M2HB. Garand Thumb got one to test and give his thoughts... "The M338 is currently in competition to replace several different weapon systems for both SOCOM and the US Army. And although it’s still early it is a real treat to be able to get some hands on time with this prototype MMG."

Garand Thumb: World's Most Cursed M1 Garand


Find out why this real deal M1 Garand is cursed as Garand Thumb takes a look at it in this episode... "How tactical can a Garand be made? Unfortunately incredibly. Today on Garand Thumb we delve into this abomination of a Gun and have a fun time reviewing our favorite celebrity's weapon."

Garand Thumb: Insane Russian 4 Gauge Shotgun


Garand Thumb tries the KS-23, a Russian-made 4 gauge shotgun which he says to be insane... "The KS-23 is well known to video game players but may be more of a mystery to the general firearm community. It's a insane concept born from a blem anti aircraft barrel. In today's video we review one of the few examples in the United States using hand loaded 4 gauge shells."

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