Garand Thumb: World's Most Cursed M1 Garand


Find out why this real deal M1 Garand is cursed as Garand Thumb takes a look at it in this episode... "How tactical can a Garand be made? Unfortunately incredibly. Today on Garand Thumb we delve into this abomination of a Gun and have a fun time reviewing our favorite celebrity's weapon."

Garand Thumb: Insane Russian 4 Gauge Shotgun


Garand Thumb tries the KS-23, a Russian-made 4 gauge shotgun which he says to be insane... "The KS-23 is well known to video game players but may be more of a mystery to the general firearm community. It's a insane concept born from a blem anti aircraft barrel. In today's video we review one of the few examples in the United States using hand loaded 4 gauge shells."

Garand Thumb: What Do Bullet Impacts Sound Like?


If you are not a real steel shooter and not familiar how bullet impacts sound like since you're more used to BB impacts or war movies, Garand Thumb got this video to compare if they're like in the movies... "What do bullet impacts actually sound like? In Today’s video we used high quality audio capturing equipment to record the sound of bullets striking different materials. We used 22LR, 9mm, .223, 12 gauge slugs and .308. I hope you guys enjoy the free content and learn something!"

Garand Thumb Tortures Your Favorite Pistols In Mud


Watch this interesting video from Garand Thumb and friends as they subject some of your favourite pistols in mud torture test. Which do you think can fire after being covered in mud?... "On today's video we explore The Muddy Pistol Test. Which pistol will work when it is caked in mud. The answer may surprise you."

Garand Thumb: The Tavor X95


A very good look at the IWI Tavorr X95 that is in service in the Israeli Defense Forces by Garand Thumb... "Today we visit the Service Rifle of Israel, the Tavor X95. In many ways a great bullpup and in many ways a bad firearm, there are many odd quirks to this rifle. We delve in depth into this firearm and we hope you enjoy the video."

Freezing Rifle Test Part 2


It's part 2 of the free test of real steel rifles by Garand Thumb. Covered in this test are the Tavor X95, Springfield M1A, SIG 553, SIG Spear LT 5.56x45, PTR-91, Springfield Hellion, HCAR, SCAR-L, M1 Garand, Lever Action in 45-70, Palmetto State Armory AK-105, Ikon Galil, and the Palmetto State Armory AR-15... "The Freezing Rifle Test PT 2, we’re here to remind you this test is fun but silly. Please consider not basing your personality off of this test.

Garand Thumb With The Most Iconic Shotgun


Would you agree that the SPAS-12 is the world's most iconic shotgun? We would. Garand Thumb agrees and got one to tell you why in this video...  "The SPAS-12 is without a doubt the most iconic shotgun to have ever been made or designed. It's used in almost every video game and movie you can imagine. However how effective is this very interesting weapon? The SPAS-12 is without a doubt perhaps one of the worst designed shotguns to have ever hit the market."

Garand Thumb: Can You SILENCE A 50 CAL?


What do you think? Is it possible to suppress the sound of a .50CAL when fired? Garand Thumb tries in this video... "A 50 BMG produces an enormous amount of energy per trigger pull. Can you silence the immense amount of powder being put out by such a weapon? How effective can this possibly be? Today the Garand Thumb Science team investigates."

"What Does It Sound Like To Get Shot At?"


This is a real world demonstration of being fired at in this video from Garand Thumb and it involves a good list of firearms... "What does it sound like to be shot at? In today’s video we show you what bullets sound like at various distances from various weapons. There is much that can be gleaned from these sounds specifically in reference to distance and caliber of the shooter. It’s a very interesting topic and I hope you’ll enjoy this video."

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