Garand Thumb: M249S & Fitelight MCR


Garand Thumb tries to semi-auto belt-fed firearms in this episode, checking out the M249S and Fitelight MCR... "Semi automatic belt feds are an interesting topic within the non-governmental gun world. Often overlooked I find them to be a compelling choice in many ways for the average larper for a large numbers of reasons that we'll delve into in this video. Today we go over the M249S and the Fitelight MCR, both semi automatic belt fed weapons that feed using M27 links."

5.11 Tactical: FN M249S Para


5.11 Tactical still got some more videos at the SHOT Show 2017 Industry At The Range Day and the video they have here is about the FN M249S Para, a semi-auto version of the FN M249 para... "In our continued coverage of Shot Show 2017 we look at the FN M249S Para. The M249S is the commercial version of the M249 SAW. Watch the video to learn more."

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