DesertFox Airsoft & Airsoft Alfonse Livestream


A month ago, DesertFox Airsoft had as special guest on his livestream, the famous Airsoft Alfonse. They get to have "sensual" LMG talks covering the M60 and M240 Bravo that Airsoft Alfonse owns as well as the Battle For Lost Angeles 3: Cyber City organised by DesertFox Events.

Tokyo Marui SCAR-H Airsoft Gameplay


Another gameplay video from Airsoft Alfonse at an abandoned hospital. The video shows the  Tokyo Marui SCAR-H NGRS used in the game during the Operation Bone Strike 2020 by Third Coast Airsoft at the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi. This AEG was upgraded which he lists below:

18th Century "Flintlock" Pirate Pistol Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse takes an airsoft flintlock pirate pistol to the Operation Bonestrike that was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft. The location is the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital which is an abandoned hospital located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Would he be able to put up a fight against the more modern airsoft guns?

Airsoft Alfonse HPA M240B Gameplay


Alfonse Airsoft goes into action with an HPA-powered M240B during the Order 66 Day event organised by Cobra Airsoft at the Blast Camp Paintball in Hobart, Indiana... "Airsoft Gameplay + Funny Moments with my HPA M240B In My 'Rey ThighWalker' costume with my friend and fellow Jedi/Sith Lord Chris aka Airsoft Fatty!"

DOOM SLAYER Double Barrel 40mm “Super Shotgun” Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse brings the Airsoft DOOM SLAYER Double Barrel 40mm “Super Shotgun” to test it out if it is effecting at spreading out BBs against targets and enemies in this video. Gameplay is done in a backyard though... "DOOM Slayer "Zombie Style" Airsoft Gameplay In the BackYard! If Master Chief and Doom Slayer had a baby this is what it would look like."

Airsoft Alfonse Rocket Launcher Gameplay


It's the turn of Airsoft Alfonse to have fun with the airsoft RPG-26 launcher that he used in a game. He is kitted with Russian-design based gear during an event in Fort Hood. He also makes a list of the gear and airsoft guns he used in the event... "Playing Airsoft at Fort Hood Military Base in Texas With Rocket Launcher (RPG-26)."

Airsoft Alfonse HALO “Master Chief” Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse gets to play as HALO's Master Chief this time, donning on the costume and the airsoft MA5C AEG for this game play... "Playing Airsoft in my Master Chief Costume with my fully functional Halo MA5C Replica blaster!  

Time to give the Covenant back their "Biodegradable" plastic 6mm BBS..  

Airsoft M1919 Gameplay At Abandoned Hospital


Another gameplay video from Airsoft Alfonse with the EMG M1919 Gen 2 Automatic Squad Support Airsoft AEG. The event was hosted by MIR Tactical called "Shebongan Insane Asylum Incursion" in Wisconsin. Find out if the video if the M1919 was put to good use as a support weapon.

"Does Airsoft Work Underwater?"


Another underwater test of airsoft guns done this time by Airsoft Alfonse. He tests four different airsoft guns from CO2 powered to electric powered... "Find out today in this episode of Airsoft Science! Testing the age old question: Does Airsoft work underwater?

Putting 4 different types of Airsoft pews to the test underwater in the name of science to find out if you can play airsoft under/in/around water!

Pew Pews Tested:

Airsoft Alfonse's EMG Browning M1919 AEG Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse takes the EMG Browning M1919 Support AEG to a game. This is a limited run AEG and uses the A&K M249 gearbox (which is most likely based on the Classic Army M249 gearbox). At just full auto, this should give some good rock and roll moments during skirmishes... "Me & the boys playing Airsoft at my local field with my New Browning M1919 Airsoft AEG!

Pew Pew Device - EMG M1919 Gen 2 Automatic Squad Support Airsoft AEG

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