VFC VR16 Saber GBBs at CWI Airsoft


CWI Airsoft posted a video giving us a quick sneak peek and test shoot of the new VFC VR16 Saber Gas Blowback Rifles which they now have available in Carbine and CQB models... "All New VFC gbb system. It is a very light sport version, It is beautiful with high kick gas blowbackand a very lightweight gas magazine. If cycles smoothly when shooting."

WE Airsoft 6" Power Dragon GBB Pistol


An interesting WE Airsoft gas blowback pistol in stock at CWI Airsoft. Called the WE 6" Power Dragon GBB in Tibetan Golden, it comes with Tibetan markings "Tashi de-leh" which is said to mean "Every thing will be all fine, be as lucky as desired; good fortune as one wishes." Sounds comforting enough and there is a silver version too. Price is US$117.81, shipping not included yet.

WE WWII Walther P38 GBB Pistol


Now in stock at CWI Airsoft is the WE Airsoft Walther P38 Gas Blowback Pistol. Known in World War II as the Pistole 38 used by the German Wermacht, this is a full metal pistol done in Limited Titanium Blue. It comes with full markings which are engraved. This is a limited edition pistol and collectors can order this for US$167.79, shipping cost not included.

Full Steel Glock 18C GBB CIA Version


Want to own a piece of the "Agency"? CWI Airsoft have in stock a Glock 18C Gas Blowback Pistol with CIA markings. This is a full steel slide and full steel barrel airsoft pistol with heavy recoil. The markings are engraved rather than laser etched and it's a limited edition pistol which comes with its own case that would be great if it also has a "Top Secret" stamp.

Apple Airsoft Bazooka At CWI Airsoft


Fancy carrying a long, long pipe to bring destruction on the hapless enemy? If you have US$456.96, CWI Airsoft can ship you this Apple Airsoft M9A1 Bazooka. This is a full metal bazooka with a realistic twist to tighten function and steel adjustable quadrant sight. World War II reenactors woud love to have this in their collection.

Rare Arms XR25-EC GBB Videos


CWI Airsoft are now taking orders for the unique Rare Arms XR25-EC Gas Blowback. What makes this unique as it is a shell ejecting gas blowback rifle making it more realistic in function and action, though it doesn't come with realistic muzzle flash and gun sound. At their site, you can find links to videos about the products which you can watch below:

WE Airsoft G19 G-Force GBB Pistols


Take your pick at these WE Airsoft G19 G-Force Gas Blowback Pistols that are available right now at CWI Airsoft. There are four colours to choose from: Black-Gold, Black-Silver, Silver Gold, and Silver-Silver. Not much details such as information on their specifications, but prices range from US$92.82 to US$103.53 which do not include shipping costs from Taiwan.

Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS GBB-R


With a new KAC lower receiver, CWI Airsoft announce the availability of the premium Viper Tech SR-16E3 URX III RAS Gas Blowback Rifle which will set you back by US$1,046.01... "KAC STYLE SR-16 E3 Upper Receiver & SR-16 IWS Lower Receiver. It's made of 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy Forging Raw Block & CNC Post-processing. URX III, with 12.5inch length with the Flip up front sight.

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