CWI Airsoft: LCT Airsoft RPD AEG


For those who cannot wait for the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG to be available in their own countries, they can place their pre-orders at CWI Airsoft, a Taiwan-based airsoft retailer. LCT Airsoft will be releasing it on the 15th of October with the Taiwanese domestic market catered to first. Other countries will follow due to distance issues as advised by LCT Airsoft. Price is NT$28,500 or roughly US$910.00s, shipping costs not included.

Vipertech AAC300 Blackout GBBR Limited


Now in stock at CWI Airsoft is the Vipertech AAC 300 Blackout GBBR Limited. It has AAC 300 Style Upper and AAC 300 Style Lower with markings, URX III 8in Hand Guard, KAC 9.5in  Outter Barrel, AAC 300 51T 762 Flash Hider (-14mm CCW), and the URX III Rail Cover Short Version. It has the Crane Stock and Grip in Tan colour and has an initial muzzle velocity of 120 m/s on 0.20g BBs.

New Acetech AC6000 Chrono At CWI Airsoft


Acetech, founded by former Xcortech people has released a chrono called the AC6000 and it is available right now at CWI Airsoft... "AC6000 is an airsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracy. It supports Micro-USB (5V/0.5A) power input or use 4 AAA alkaline batteries. It has a user-friendly interface with 128*128 pixel OLED in white color. The BBs  parameter settings supports 5 memory slots with 25 memory slots for velocity and ROF (Rate of fire).

WE M712 GBB With Wood Stock Set


The WE M712 Gas Blowback Pistol is now in stock at CWI Airsoft. Based on the Mauser C96, this airsoft version from WE Airsoft comes in a package that will be hard to ignore by airsoft players who want to collect period guns. This comes with 1 short gas magazine, real wood stock holster, real leather holster carry, and real leather shoulder case. Costs US$286.35 and will be delivered in case to you.

Limited Edition Custom Guarder 34 GBB Pistol


Now in stock at CWI Airsoft is a limited edition Guarder 34 Gas Blowback Pistol. With the Tokyo Marui G34 Gas Blowback Pistol as the base gun, this has been fitted with Guarder Custom Parts. Price is US$481.95 and allow a shipping time of 3-4 days after placing the order. Here are the parts used in this custom project:

WE Double Barrel 1911 GBB Available


If you cannot wait for the WE Airsoft Double Barrel 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol to arrive at your nearest airsoft retailer, then better visit the website of CWI Airsoft. The Taiwanese online airsoft retailer is now selling the full metal pistol for US$174.93, shipping cost not included. If you want double the fun in shooting an airsoft pistol, then this might be the one that you want.

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