Silverback Airsoft SRS/TAC-41 Advance Piston Head


Silverback Airsoft gives an overview of their Advance Piston Head for their SRS/TAC-41 airsoft rifles... "Advance pistons heads are available in 2 versions: for 'AEG' cylinder head (SBA-BPD-01), compatible with SRS & TAC-41, and for 'GBB' cylinder head (SBA-BPD-02), compatible with TAC-41 using a "GBB" hopup.

This piston head features:

Silverback Airsoft TAC-41 Hop-Up Rubber Swap


Tutorial video from Silverback Airsoft showing how to do a hop-up rubber swap on the TAC-41 GBB... "This tutorial video show how to swap the hopup rubber (GBB type,  optional hopup). Changing the hopup rubber will affect the muzzle energy of your airsoft gun, users should obey to laws regarding ownership of airsoft guns in their country.

SBA-HOP-31, 'GBB' hopup unit for TAC-41 includes:

Breaking In The New Silverback Tac41


Andrew Lowe takes the new Silverback Airsoft Tac-41P airsoft sniper rifle to North Staffs Airsoft to play... "On the 25th July I took my Tac-41 to my local site in order to see how well it performs. The rifle performed brilliantly, giving me a huge range advantage on the enemy team."

Silverback TAC41 & Action Army AAP-01 Gameplay


Akastaten took two of the hottest airsoft guns in the market these days to a game. Viewers were impressed with the performance of the TAC41P which was just recently released by Silverback Airsoft over a month ago... "I will probably get a shorter outer and inner barrel and drop in a 50 degree bucking and of course the Stalker Scorpion Piston which will make this rifle silent!"

Silverback Airsoft TAC-41P At Gunfire


Is the Silverback Airsoft TAC-41P sniper rifle the new king of airsoft sniper rifles? That's what Leszek of Gunfire is going to find out in this video review... "Sniper rifle replicas are invariably very popular. Silverback Airsoft has mastered its design. Leszek could not leave you without a review of the replica. Many solutions used in the ASG replica deserve attention. 50-step Hop-Up adjustment, a very accurate, adjustable trigger, and easy access to the cylinder make the Tac-41 an interesting ASG sniper rifle.

L'antre Du Dingo's Silverback Airsoft TAC41P Review


Probably the airsoft sniper rifle that many airsoft players have in mind this year, the Silverback Airsoft TAC41P sniper rifle is being shipped to retailers worldwide. This is not a bullpup this time as compared to their SRS series and internally, it is based on the VSR-10. L'antre Du Dingo is one of the early reviewers of this airsoft sniper rifle and you can watch him do the review in the video below:

RedWolf Airsoft TV On The Silverback TAC 41P


Given that there has been no new movement in the sniper rifle department of Tokyo Marui, airsoft players are looking for the next VSR-10, is the Silverback Airsoft TAC 41P it? Find out in this video review by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "The Silverback TAC 41P is probably what the natural evolution of the VSR-10 would be, can this offering from Silverback send the venerable VSR-10 into retirement?"

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