Highlander Airsoft: M4 GBB HPA Adapter


Highlander Airsoft features an HPA Adapter to use an M4 Magazine with a gas blowback pistol made by Area 13. The adapter is claimed to be suitable for all common airsoft pistols of the Hi-Capa & Glock series especially those made Tokyo Marui, WE Airsoft, and KJ Works. Using this gives the GBB pistol user more BBs to fire with the M4 AEG magazine.

Kraken Airsoft: Everyone Hates HPA


Clickbait or truth? Anyway, just watch the video so you can understand what Kraken Airsoft is trying to share... "Just like every thing else in airsoft I feel like HPA gets a lot of unnecessary hate! This video is meant to be a positive way of explaining what I think makes it so great!"

Odin Innovations HPA Shotgun First Look


It's good news for airsoft shotgun lovers this year as another option might be available this year following the new shotguns from Airsoft Innovations and Tokyo Marui. c7viper! gives a quick look at an upcoming shell-ejecting HPA-powered airsoft gun that is being developed Odin Innovations... "This airsoft gun is insane. Odin Innovations Jordan is at it again!"

Wolverine Airsoft MTWs Back At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez got the Wolverine Airsoft MTW back in stock. The only complete HPA rifle in the market that has been designed from the ground up, the MTW is available in different lengths and configurations. Airsoftjunkiez also got a custom version, turning one into a MK18.

CYMA SR16E3 With PolarStar Airsoft Kythera


DesertFox Airsoft gets his hands on a CYMA SR16E3 that is equipped with the PolarStar Airsoft Kythera for this video review that does not require a hose nor a tank... "HPA, or high-pressure air, is hands down the most proficient way to power an airsoft gun.  However, it does come with draw backs."

AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series: MP5 HPA


Airsoftjunkiez show their Custom Expert Series: MP5 HPAs built on the VFC MP5A5 and MP5A4. They have been upgraded with either the Midwest Industries or BCM M-Lok Handguards, a tracer unit or a suppressor, a 6.01mm PDI inner barrel, flat hop, and use the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion engine... "Airsoftjunkiez custom Expert Series HPA MP5. Fully upgraded with externals included."

VOC Airsoft: AW Full-Auto Hi-Capa HPA Rig & More


VOC Airsoft talks about HPA stuff from AW Custom in this video... "Welcome to the HPA in Hong Kong series. This series aims to introduce newer players to some of the lesser-known airsoft products. Besides that, we would also like to answer the frequently asked questions and dismiss some of the popular myths.

This video will focus on the fully automatic Hi-capa (HX 2231) from Armorer Works and the Dominator international HPA adapter."

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