AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series: #ONE


Got money to burn on a custom airsoft gun? Airsoftjunkiez got one ready for you in glorious bronze, the AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series: #ONE. This HPA rifle has a custom battle worn bronze Cerakote and is equipped with a Retro Arms CNC receiver, Retro Arms CNC Trigger, PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Rail,  PTS EPS-C Stock, PTS EPG-C Grip, PTS GRIFFIN M4SD MUZZLE BRAKE, Polarstar Fusion Engine, Prowin, PDI 6.01 Barrel, and a Flat hop.

MP5 With Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gameplay


ATA Airsoft brings out his airsoft MP5 equipped with the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA engine to play... "Trying out my new MP5 with Wolverine Inferno v3. Out ranges most snipers on the field, lightweight, very accurate and of course we all love MP5s!! Running 1.7 joules at 100 PSI with 0.43 BB's."

HPA MK46 LMG Milsim Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse brings an HPA MK46 LMG at an American Milsim event at the Guardian Center in Georgia... "Airsoft LMG Milsim Gameplay at the Guardian Center Located In Perry Georgia with my HPA Mk46!  

AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series: TWS Skeletonized Blue


Check this custom TWS Skeletonized Blue From The AirsoftJunkiez Custom Expert Series that uses the King Arms TWS M4 Skeletonized M-Lok as the base gun. It can be equipped with the HPA engine of your choiuce andit uses the Maxx ME Pro Hop-Up, UTG Blue AFG M-lOk, Maple Leaf 290mm Barrel, and more... "Airsoftjunkiez Expert TWS Blue custom build with premium Inferno and Black leaf trigger board, also comes with all accessories shown."

"I HPA Tapped The Worst Airsoft Gun Ever"


Backdraft installed an HPA engine on a rather very cheap airsoft springer. Did it improve in performance? Watch the video... "HPA engine in an $11 springer? yes please. Today I made a ukarms springer into an absolute noob slaying beast. Also, its technically bullpup so screw you guys."

3D Printed HPA Engine Evolution


Vanalex talks about his 3D Printed HPA Engine project made possible with the help of Jinos... "Thanks to everyone who was a part of our Airsoft HPA Build Journey but for a little while this is where it ends. I am very Happy I have proven that you can make a 3D Printed HPA Airsoft engine, soon we will be getting back to sim racing and change up how we make videos due to how much more SUSKRIBERS we have.

Custom HPA VFC HK416 Build


Airsoft Labs show the HPA build using the VFC HK416 AEG is the base gun. The engine is a PolarStar Airsoft Jack. Watch the video to learn more what he added to complete the HPA build... "Recently installed a Polarstar Jack in a VFC HK416 AEG. Also added some additional upgrades. "

Airsoftjunkiez Expert HPA Build Series


Thinking of having your own custom HPA airsoft rifle? If you don't have the time but have the budget, you might to go for the Expert HPA Build Series by Airsoftjunkiez. They have a good number of ready to go HPA airsoft rifles or you could enquire for further customisation... "Airsoftjunkiez Custom Expert Series. All pictured accessories are included in each build."

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