KWA Insider: Video Games & Airsoft


In this video, KWA Insider gets to interview TaskForce Podcast as they talk about what they do and how they are preparing for the KWA Fight Night series... "In this episode, we take a closer look at how airsoft is compared to video games & how it matters. We also talk with the guys over at The TaskForce Podcast to learn more about their show and how they're teaming up with KWA Fight Night. Grab some snacks and join the conversation!"

Bags For Hauling Airsoft Gear


The Task Force Podcast shows some bags that you can use for bringing your airsoft gear... "In this week's episode we are talking bags for hauling all your airsoft gear to and from the field. There are a ton of bags out there. Which one is right for you?"

Task Force Podcast Ep. 10: Positives & Negatives Of Airsoft


This looks like a good episode to watch so for those who want to explain the downsides and upsides of airsoft, can take some notes from this Task Force Podcast... "Welcome back to another episode of TFPC. This week we are talking about the positives and the negatives of airsoft. We also add a new segment to the show called Q&A with the Task Force where you guys ask us a question and we see if we can answer it. Hope you guys enjoy this episode.

Task Force Podcast Ep 6: "You Dont Need TP"


Well, that's a catchy title for episode 6 of the Task Force Podcast series as they air during the Covid-19 pandemic... "Welcome to another episode of Task Force Podcast. In this episode we talk about night vision, how the airsoft community will handle this COVID pandemic, and why there is no toilet paper. So relax, remove that mask, and join us for this episode. Thank you guys for all the love and support. We want every single one of you to stay safe and stay healthy!"

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