Pulse Armaments B1 Variable .209 & Dynatex Timed Grenades For Airsoft


Adventure Airsoft does a compairson of timed and variable grenades for milsim and airsoftt use from Pulse Armaments and Dynatex... "Hi, This video explains my thoughts on a comparison of the Pulse Armaments B1 variable .209 grenade and the Dynatex timed grenade. Let me know your thoughts and usage of both in the comments and If your interested please us the 10% code below on the Pulse Armaments B1."

Adventure Airsoft: Airsoft Suppressors Work


Adventure Airsoft says that suppressors for airsoft use actually work, find out which ones do the job... "Airsoft has had suppressors for a long time but as it turns out not many are actual suppressors. This shorter vid is my experience with a budget suppressor from Nuprol called the Bocca or BOA.

It's well built, quick release, cheap and offers a decent noise reduction of 28%."

Adventure Airsoft On The ROSSI M24 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


Adventure Airsoft gives a walkthrough of the M24 airsoft sniper rifle offering from ROSSI... "This sniper model from Rossi was based on the famous sniper rifles, due to its easy transport and handling due to its simple disassembly and assembly. With just a simple ALLEN key that comes with your set.

Airsoft Plate Carrier Tips From Adventure Airsoft


Some tips from Adventure Airsoft on setting up a plate carrier that you might want to adopt... "Hello fellow cake eaters! This one is quite controversial covering my loading and plate carrier layout.

I'm fortunate to have worked with many different units and tried different loadout styles over the years but it boils down to personal preference.

I cover my load unload drill, sling tips, shooters belt and a light weight webbing option.

Wolverine MTW 7" Unboxing & Review


Adventure Airsoft give his take on the Wolverine Airsoft MTW 7-inch HPA-powered rifle in this review... "Right this one was difficult to take in and even more difficult to understand after looking back. The name MTW speaks for itself and has a good quality reputation airsofting and as a training weapon.

But and it's a big but the whole MTW Wolverine experience leaves a lot to be desired compared to the big manufacturer's that have been in the business for many years.

Adventure Airsoft: Tippmann M4 Carbine V2 Long Term Review


Adventure Airsoft tells his experience on using the Tippmann Carbine M4 V2 which can be powered with CO2 or HPA... "OK fellow cake eaters it's that time I was dreading a review of my well used  but not sold Tippmann Carbine V2 HPA. If you’re wondering why I sold it hit that subscribe button for more content on its replacement.

Adventure Airsoft's National Airsoft Festival 2021 Review


Adventure Airsoft give his take on the National Airsoft Festival 2021, the UK's biggest airsoft event... "So this will attract some interesting comments following my review of attending the festival.

Before you see this I usually play airsoft in the North West at 3-4 different sites. The games are quite full on and have very specific objectives but the area of operations (AO) tend to be quite small.

Anti-Fog Goggles What Not To Buy


Adventure Airsoft does a quick review of the FMA anti-fog goggles... "This is a video I did a while ago when I went to First and Only Anzio camp with new goggles. It's a short review of the FMA anti-fog goggles used briefly on the day but I won't spoil it. Fitted with a fan they are one of the cheapest on the market but please watch for the full review and don't forget to subscribe for more upcoming content."

3D Printed Airsoft Impact Grenades Part 2


Adventure Airsoft posted the second part of the video about 3D printed airsoft impact grenades for those interested in making their own... "This vid is a continuation from version 1 of the grenade which is still in use but moved onto a threaded top.

I explain the differences between both versions and show a comparison against a .209 primer in a Dynatex grenade.

Adventure Airsoft: 3D Printed Airsoft Impact Grenade


Learn more about this impact grenade for airsoft using 3D printers in this video from Adventure Airsoft... "This time from Adventure Airsoft were introducing a 3D printed impact grenade. Others have made their own version but with ours I wanted something different.

Hope you enjoy the video and please give comments, thumbs up and hit that subscribe.

The grenade:

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