VFC Glock Has Become More Durable?


Airsix TV got this video how to make a VFC Glock more durable with a package from CPC Company. It is a product that they imported and did the modifications themselves. Then they will test if it can fix the flaws that they found in the original VFC Glock. CPC Company provided them the product and htey planned to release improved versions of Glock 45 and 18c soon.

Airsix TV: VFC M110K1 GBBR


South Korean channel Airsix TV give their take on the  VFC M110K1 gas blowback rifle. This has an ambidextrous selector and features the /URX3.1 13.5" handguard with realistic Bolt operation. This is fully licensed from Knights Armament... "This video is VFC M110K1.
I went to the shoot without expecting much, but the result was unexpected."

Airsix TV: GBLS COLT 1911A1 Gas Blowback Pistol


GBLS has started offering its own gas blowback pistol, diversifying from its DAS series of airsoft training rifles. In this video, the Airsix TV crew takes a look at the GBLS COLT 1911A1 Gas Blowback Pistol... "This video is GBLS's COLT 1911A1, the first domestically produced gas blowback handgun that has received much anticipation.

A Collection Of Airsoft Guns Worth 20 Milion Korean Won


Well, what do you expect from airsoft channel on YouTube? You will see lots of airsoft guns and in the case of Airsix TV, a collection worth 20 million Won which is roughly around US$15,300... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video is a collection of shooting scenes from our videos."

Airsix TV: APFG MPX K Gas Blowback


The not VFC made APFG MPX-K GBB Gas Blowback gets inspected by the Airsix TV crew. This is based on the SIG Sauer MPX K though not sold under the SIG Air Proforce brand and uses the VFC gas tech system.  A compact AR-pistol, it has both-side charging handle both-side Magazine Release, and both-side Bolt Catcher, which means it is ambidextrous in operation... "This video is the SIG MPX K released by APFG. Why not VFC? Let's watch the video."

Assembling The DYTAC EMG NOVESKE N4 Conversion Kit


The AirSix TV crew assembled the DYTAC EMG NOVESKE N4 Conversion Kit made for the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback Rifle... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video is the assembly video of DYTAC EMG NOVESKE N4 Conversion Kit. We think it would be good to refer to it as a reference for assembling."

Airsix TV On The APFG MPX K GBB Pistol


The recently released APFG MPX K GBB Pistol is now in South Korea and Airsix TV takes a look at one. Whilst this based on the VFC GBB System, this is not from VFC. It is a pistol style GBB with the rear having a rail attached to mount compatible stock. Fully ambidextrous in operation, it comes with a 30-BB round gas magazine.

AirSix TV: Umarex/VFC Heckler & Koch HK416A5 AEG


AirSix TV, the South Korean Airsoft channel, checks out the popular HK416A5 AEG from Umarex that is manufactured by VFC. This AEGs comes in the distinct RAL8000 colour scheme and has an intergrated MOSFET. It comes with a 320-BB round high capacity AEG magazine and is fully ambixtrous in operation.

AirSix TV: Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 UZI GBB SMG


The recently released Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 UZI GBB SMG is now in South Korea and the guys at AirSix TV got one to check out... "This video is the MP2A1, also known as Uzi, a model adopted by the West German Army released by NORTHEAST.

We take a look at how well this Uzi was made by NORTHEAST, which makes gas blowbacks."

Airsix TV: AEGIS Magpul FMG-9


Perhaps this is now availabe in stores especially in Asia, the AEGIS Magpul FMG-9 is the latest airsoft version of the discreet FPG that was made by PTS before. AirSix TV takes a look one as this is made in South Korea... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video is the Magful FMG-9 Conversion Kit released by AEGIS CUSTOM, a domestic brand.

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