Larry Vickers' Delta CAR-15


Want to find out the rifle that Larry Vickers used when he was in the Delta Force? Watch him talk about about the CAR-15 in this Vickers Tactical episode... "Brought to you by our good friends at Aimpoint, Larry takes a trip down memory lane and breaks down a clone of the Car-15 he used during his time in Delta Force."

CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG From PTS Syndicate


PTS Syndicate came up with a "legacy" style compact AR AEG that takes its inspiration from the CAR-15 N23 PDW that never came into reality, if stories are to be believed that there was real design. Recoil Web came up with a story on this over a year ago, and they are not sure if it is a real patent application design or somebody just photoshopped it. But Recoil's Dave Merril tried making one based on the patent application.

Booligan's Echo1 M1918 & CAR-15 Reviews


Two new videos from Booligan Airsoft Reviews for this news update. The first one is an overview of the Echo1 USA Airsoft M1918 Ohio Ordnance M1918 SLR AEG though even if it's overview, it's over five minutes long. The second is also an overview, which covers the Echo 1 SOG-68 CAR-15 AEG for those who want a Vietnam War inspired AEG. But for the full review of he M1918, click on the link below:

G&P CAR-15 (New Style) AEG


In stock at eHobby Asia for US$250.00... "Starting in 1965, Colt attempted to market the M16 rifle as a modular weapons platform that could fulfill all of the various needs of an army, similar to the marketing plans for the AR-10, its predecessor, and the Stoner 63, its rival.

G&P WOC CAR-15 Gas Blowback Rifle


The latest in the WOC gas blowback series from G&P, which many of you now know is based on the Western Arms gas blowback technology. The CAR-15 is a compact short barreled from the AR-15 and M16 family. Now available at eHobby Asia, you can get this airsoft rifle for US$298... "G&P Full Metal Custom M16 Series based on WA M16 Gas Blow Back Rifle.

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