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CAR-15 N23 PDW AEG From PTS Syndicate


PTS Syndicate came up with a "legacy" style compact AR AEG that takes its inspiration from the CAR-15 N23 PDW that never came into reality, if stories are to be believed that there was real design. Recoil Web came up with a story on this over a year ago, and they are not sure if it is a real patent application design or somebody just photoshopped it. But Recoil's Dave Merril tried making one based on the patent application.

Click here to read the Recoil Web story and below is the official news from PTS Syndicate.

"The PTS CAR-15 N23 PDW is the first model AEG rifle for our new PTS 'Real-Spec' Legacy Airsoft Series. The original N23 was conceived and built by Dave Merrill, a well-known firearms expert and writer, who was inspired by an image of a truncated cutaway schematic of the AR15 that was filed in Colt’s original patent.

The N23 combines a very retro-vintage appearance with the latest in airsoft technology.  The retro appearance starts with the vintage style 'Model 607/VN' style receiver with a fixed carry handle and no forward assist.  Complementing it is a uniquely shortened CAR-15 style 'narrow' handguards and a custom shortened XM177 style buttstock on a custom shortened buffer tube.  The end result is an ultra-compact AEG that looks vintage and “authentic” but has an almost toy-like quality due to its exaggeratedly shrunken proportions.

Internally, the i5 gearbox features a quick change spring for power adjustment, bearing bushings for higher efficiency and lower power consumption, and an electronic trigger and MOSFET for faster trigger responses and electrical wiring protection.

The N23 is a very unique and limited production offering for the airsoft player and collector that is also practical for field use. 


  • Model 607 VN style of upper and lower receiver
  • 7-inch Length Barrel
  • 3 holes 'skinny' CAR handguard
  • Modified 3 position XM177 style short buffer tube
  • Modified XM177 style butt-stock
  • M16A1 style Flash Hider with A1 style lock washer
  • V2 i5 Gearbox - includes inline i5 MOSFET with electronic trigger and electronic selector, eliminating sensitive trigger switches and selector plates.
  • Rear Wired & Li-Po Ready – Can handle the power of 11.1v Li-Po batteries.


  • Color – Black
  • Dimensions – 507 mm (stock retracted), 605mm (stock extended)
  • Weight – 2.20 KG
  • Hop-Up – AUG Style Adjustable Hop Up
  • Magazine Capacity – 110 rounds (G&P M16 VN style short magazine)
  • Power Source – Version 2 i5 Gearbox System
  • Shooting Modes –Safe / Semi Auto / Burst / 5 Rounds / Full Auto
  • Outer Barrel Length – 7-inches
  • Inner Barrel Length -  215mm
  • Rate of Fire – 30+ RPS
  • Velocity – ~360-380FPS (Hong Kong)
  • Energy Output – ~1.2-1.3 Joules
  • Power – 11.1V  LiPo/LiFe batteries"

More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.