What Eye Protection & Corrections For Airsoft?


As always, we go back to an important topic in airsoft, eye protection. It is one area in terms of gear that we always stress on spending good money for good eye protection, even more than other gear. In this video L'Antre Du Dingo got an optician to discuss eye pros and how to select the good ones.

Top 3 Best Choices Of Eye Protection


The Airsoft Headquarters list 3 eye pros that they recommend to beiginners. Airsoft eye protection is crucial as it safeguards players from potential eye injuries during games. It’s recommended to use full-seal, ANSI-rated goggles for optimal safety and protection.

MiR Tactical: Eye Protection In Airsoft


Slex of MiR Tactical talks about eye protection in airsoft, which face masks like the Dye I5 can provide... "Eye protection is the most important safety item you need at all our events! Make sure they are full seal. The Dye I5 face mask is everything you need to keep the fog away and be the coolest looking player on the field. They come in all different types and colors so come shop mirtactical.com now and get your eye protection today!"

Cheap & Expensive Airsoft Goggles Torture Test


Epic Builds does a torture test of airsoft goggles. We know airsoft is an expensive hobby but we recommend to not skimp on spending on your protective gear, especially eye protection. But should eye protection be expensive? Find out in the test if your investment in an expensive eyewear is worth it rather than getting a cheaper one.

The Dracula Airsoft On The Bolle X800


Dracula Airsoft explains why the Bolle X800 tactical glasses is the only pair you need for anti-fog eye protection in airsoft... "Hi Everyone, today we will look at the Bolle X800 Tactical Goggles, the best anti fog glasses, best anti fog googles you will ever need.

These goggles don't steam up because of their unique design - the lens being separated from the frame, allowing air to circulate and preventing condensation."

Univet 5X1 Ballistic Glasses Review


Pelissari’s Company goes over the Univet 5X1 Ballistic Glasses if it is good eyepro to recommend to airsoft players... "The 5X1 X-Generation Platform was created by Univet designers and engineers to ensure optimal protection and personalized use in any working condition. That's thanks to the wide range of matching accessories to choose a change easily.


Ordo Airsoft: Eye Protection For Airsoft


Ordo Airsoft talk about the eye protection that they have used over the years... "This video shows the airsoft eye protection we have used over our 15+ years of playing airsoft. Note, we have had fog issues for years. This has been a driving factor in our eye protection evolution over the years. Our newest setup with the revision stinger hawk glasses does not fog at all under any conditions."

November Foxtrot: Eye Pro & Face Pro


In episode 21 of the November Foxtrot channel, they talk about protective gear for the eyes and face... "‘Sup, Homeslice?

Welcome to Episode 21! This week we are chatting all things Eye Pro and Face Pro. Eyes are probably the most important thing to protect in airsoft and as such, we would be remiss if we didn't discuss such an important subject!

Why not check out some of our other episodes too - you never know, you might find something of interest :)"

Cheap Eye Protection Impact Test


We always advise that you spend more on protective gear than any other gear that you have when playing airsoft and the most important is eye pro. Surely, there are affordable eyepro out there, but do they really give the protection they say they do? JAG Airsoft tests some cheap eyepro so you can make a list which to avoid and which can possible be in your airsoft shopping list...

Wiley X WX Titan Glasses At Military 1st


Comfortable to wear tactical glasses from Wiley X, the WX Titan, are available now at the Military 1st online store... "Wiley X WX Titan Glasses feature a lightweight, technically advanced Climate Control frame with a removable foam gasket, and wraparound design for a comfortable and snug fit.

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