Golden Eagle MCR LMG AEG At Patrol Base


In this livestream episode, Stu talks about the Golden Eagle 6673 MCR LMG AEG
available at Patrol Base... "Introducing the 6673 MCR LMG, a faithful reproduction of a real-world light fighting Support weapon. Combining LMG function with AR15 ergonomics has been attempted many times in the real firearms world, allow us to take you through what sets the MCR LMG apart from the rest...

Patrol Base: G&G Piranha GBB Pistol


In a more recent Patrol Base livestream, Stu presented the G&G Piranha GBB Pistol which they have in stock in the MK1 and SL versions... "The pistol is constructed from high quality materials, with a full alloy slide and polymer frame. The pistol is wobble free, with a solid design. The outer barrel is locked in place for maximum accuracy, with minimal slide and trigger wobble.

"Can I Buy A Black Airsoft Gun As A Gift?"


Good question that British airsoft players can ask their airsoft retailers. Patrol Base answers a question about buying a non 2-tone RIF as a gift in this video... "Normally around Christmas time we are asked a lot about the process of buying a realistic imitation firearm, and normally this comes after people are looking to buy airsoft guns for their family or friends who actually play the sport when they themselves do not."

Patrol Base's Airsoft M4 Showcase


In this livestream episode by Patrol Base, Stu showcases the airsoft M4 rifles that the store has in stock which can be ordered online... "In this video, Stu sits down with the M4 Platform answers your questions live! . If you have a question about Patrol Base, Airsoft, or any product just drop it below and you may be featured on the stream."

BOLT BR47 BRSS At Patrol Base


Stu goes over the BOLT BR47 Keymod BRSS AEG in this Patrol Base livestream. There are several versions of this AEG available at their store... "The replica is constructed mainly from Alloy, with an Alloy Hand guard, Receiver, Buffer Tube, Outer Barrel, and a Polymer Pistol Grip and Stock. The entire gun is wobble free, with a high quality finish. The free float hand-guard is CNC machined to perfect from aluminium giving the replica a high quality look and authentic feel.

Patrol Base Optic Comparison


In a recent livestream episode, Patrol Base does a comparison of optics they available at their store... "If you have a question about Patrol Base, Airsoft, or any product just drop it below and you may be featured on the stream.

In this video, Stu sits down with some new Optics and answers your questions Live!"

"Where Can I Buy A Used Airsoft Gun?"


When social media platforms banned the selling of of personal sales of airsoft guns, including secondhand guns, where can airsoft players on a budget find them? Patrol Base TV Clips got some info for them, especially for the UK based ones... "Looking to get a used airsoft gun? it can be hard to know the places to check out now that Facebook do not allow Airsoft sales on their platform. Well in this one Pete and Stu talk about how and where you can buy and sell your Airsoft guns and accessories."

"What's the Best Airsoft Green Gas?"


In this Patrol Base TV Clips episode, they talk about the best green gas for airsoft use... "Lots of people new to airsoft look at gas guns and quickly find themselves asking what gas is right for them. With so many airsoft gas options available what should you choose?"

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