DIY Airsoft MK23 Suppressor Mod


Rozotta does a mod of the ASG MK23 barrel extension to make it even more silent... "In this video I share my experiences and thoughts on using a DIY MK23 airsoft suppressor. I decided to modify my ASG MK23 barrel extension and repurpose it to create an effective airsoft suppressor. I created the baffles using scotch brite scouring pads but there are many other materials you can use including foam and sponge. I also show how it compares against the Silverback MK23 airsoft suppressor."

Making An Airsoft Gun Out Of Spare Parts


The Average Airsofter goes into his collection of airsoft parts to see if he can put together a complete airsoft gun. It's good to watch this, especially for beginners so they can check what they have to do if they want to make an airsoft gun based on what is available to them... "This is an m4 that I built for 0 dollars out of pocket! If you have a few parts laying around then this could be a fun side project.

How To Make a PVC Airsoft Bazooka


A tutorial by David Val on how to build your own airsoft Bazooka using PVC pipes... "Hello friends. I present the last tutorial recorded in Gears Factory Ortuella. It is a tutorial how to make a PVC bazooka. Low cost and can be useful for scripted games. You can also have fun and have a good time with it. I hope to see you soon in the fields and share BBS. To take care. Thank kortxo and nomar for their help."

DIY Low Profile Airsoft Teeth Protection


If you don't use a full face mask when playing airsoft, there are chances that your teeth might get hit by a BB which may lead to an expensive visit to the dentist. You might want to use teeth protection and here is a DIY made by Kasper Sundy that you might want to make for your own use... "Hey everyone! In this video I show you how I modified a clunky, uncomfortable mesh mask to a low profile, comfortable teeth protection.

DIY RPG-7 Air Rocket For Airsoft Use


Yuri Ostr put together this video showing you how to make an RPG-7 at home that you can use for airsoft games. Something that you can tinker and improve on if you have nothing to do if you are still under lockdown... "Hello my friends. Today let's see how to make this Amazing Rocket Launcher."

How To Make An Airsoft Smoke Grenade


Kaisoft knows how to make the biggest smoker grenade for airsoft use and shares this in this video provided you take all the safety precautions when dealing with such... "The smoke might not seem too big but its only that small, if you make it bigger your going to get more smoke, more concentrated the mix the more smoke. Make sure not to inhale the smoke and be safe when playing with fire."

DIY Airsoft Carbon Fiber Suppressor


The Blind Sniper gives tips on how to build yoour own Carbon Fiber Suppressor for use in airsoft guns... "Here is another easy project for you; A carbon fiber, foam-filled suppressor for your airsoft gun! Its easier than you think and gives your suppressor/replica a sleek look!"

Curlys Airsoft: $20 Homemade Airsoft Grenade


Curlys Airsoft shows you how to make your own airsoft hand grenade in this video... "This is my how to video for the Mk-7 BFG. I searched far and wide for a good DIY video for a decent airsoft grenade and when I came up short I felt like I needed to make one so here it is. I do sell them and encourage people to buy one over making your own because it helps me continue to experiment and improve on the design.

Home Made Airsoft Target Box For Use


Your trigger finger getting more itchy during lockdown? Get some trigger time if you have enough space at home and you are sure you won't bother everyone there as well as your neighbours. JJ Works has this short video showing you how to make an airsoft target box... "A cardboard target that can be easily made in a short time. Ingredients can be made right from the ones at home.

How To Make Your Own Airsoft Suppressor


Backdraft Productions does a video showing how to make and paint an airsoft suppressor. Files are also included for you to download if you want to make one... "Today I show you how to test out an airsoft paint job on a homemade suppressor!

I wanted to put a suppressor on my airsoft gun, but they all cost so much that I decided to make my own! I realized that if I print multiple, I could test out some paint jobs before I put them on my gun."

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