Fixing The CYMA CM009B AEG Trigger


For owners of the Cyma CM009B AEG (M16A1), they can watch this video from English Kiwi on how to fix the trigger if they are encountering the same issue... "This week we're having a look at my Cyma M16A1 which suddenly stopped working at the last game day whilst Alice was using it."

Airsoft Maxx Model Trigger Issue Fix


The Real Deal Airsoft shows how to troubleshoot the trigger problem with the Airsoft Maxx Model... "You will learn exactly how to fix any issues you are having with the travel of your #airsoft​ trigger. Sometimes when we install upgrade parts, the fitment is not always 100 percent. Sometimes you have to modify parts in the airsoft gearbox to fix the issue.

Here we diagnose & fix the issue as well as go over a parts list for Low Ratio Custom builds.

W&S Steel Trigger For GHK AK GBB Series Install Guide


BadaBing Pictures shows you how to install the W&S Steel Trigger for GHK AK GBB Series in this video guide. This is a single hook steel trigger that has a lower trigger part that is based on the real AK trigger. This is more durable and has a quick response for hammer release.

Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger


Ryan of Laylax got to drop this latest product from Laylax that will be available versy soon for Krytac KRISS Vector AEG owners, the Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger... "Hello LayLax fans and airsoft nation folk, LayLax Rai here. This time we have both a cosmetic and quality of life custom part for your beloved Krytac Kriss Vector. Our new Prometheus fully adjustable custom Vector trigger gives your Kriss Vector a greater edge on the field.

AMNB: PTS MEC PRO Trigger Installation Tutorial


Here is a video tutorial from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog showing you how to install the MEC Pro Trigger from PTS Syndicate... "Join us in this guide on "how to" get the new MEC PRO Trigger installed into the PTS RADIAN Model 1 GBBR. If you run a KWA LM4 Series gun, this video helps you out too as the system is the same.

The MEC Pro Trigger will enable a trigger pull closer with ease. The straight trigger blade design provide a short pull geometry."

How To Install A Speed Trigger


TGW Wolfie shows you how to install a Speed Trigger for use in an HPA-powered airsoft gun. The HPA engine seen in the video is the PolarStar Airsoft Jack... "A friend on Instagram asked for help, so instead of making a private video just for him, I decided to make an entire video for him and you guys who need help."

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