Recommended Silent Upgrades For The MK23


Mrat demonstrates the enhancements he made to the MK23 SOCOM NBB, increasing its stealth capabilities. The upgrades include the Flamingo 60, the Hadron Designs H-plate V2, and the Hadron Designs MK23 SOCOM M-TDC Triplate.

Is Upgrading Your Airsoft Gun Worth It?


Simply Aritz drops by La Cueva Tactical (The Tactical Cave) as they talk about airsoft upgrades... "After the video with Macgyver Custom, I stopped by Valencia to interview The Tactical Cave, and eventually other tuners will come. Improving your Airsoft replica, is it worth it? We will see in this video!"

How To Make An Airsoft Replica More Powerful?


Destockage Games' Airsoft Academy episode shows how to improve the power of your airsoft gun. Just make sure that doing such you are still meeting your country's rules and not breaking the law... "Discover in 20min everything you need to know about the power of an airsoft replica: the difference between power and performance, improving your replica, upgrade, regulations."

Hi-Capa Upgrade Breakdown


Valiant Airsoft shows you the upgrades he made to his Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol to squeeze out more performance from it... "In this video I perform a slide change/disassembly and a hopup upgrade to my red speedqb/competition hi-capa, and walk through the parts I have inside as we go. I switch from the Dr. Black 901 slide to the LA Capa Void slide and upgrade my AIP Hopup to the new LA Capa TDC hopup."

Airsoft Hi-Capa 4.3 Upgrades


Airsofter Sam got some recommended upgrades if you own a Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Blowback Pistol to get more performance out of it... "Looking to upgrade your hi capa? If you've been following along with this build you know my intention was not to do a Gucci build but instead to build an efficient and low cost pistol that smacks on the airsoft field."

Laylax MK23 Upgrade Parts Explained


Stewbacca, on his visit to Japan for the Krytac Owners' Meeting Volume 5, got to have Ryan of Laylax International to explain the various MK23 upgrade parts they have available... "Ryan sensei of Laylax helps explain their internal hammer and valve upgrade components, RMR cut slide and breakout holster that I was handling during our visit to their headquarters."

The Top 5 Hi-Capa GBB Pistol Upgrades


With lots of upgrade options for the Hi-Capa Gas Blowback series, especially those made by Tokyo Marui, sometimes it's hard to choose which ones to get. To help you with the clutter, here is Laylax Marck to show you the top 5 Hi-Capa upgrades... "As an airsoft manufacturer, we think its important we highlight some of the best upgrade parts for you Hi-Capa pistol."

Boaz's Top 5 Airsoft Guns That Don't Need Upgrades


Whilst many players tend to do upgrades to their airsoft guns for the budget conscious, upgrades can be a strain on their wallets and if they can get airsoft guns that perform well without upgrades then that's where they will get. Boaz shows what he says are the top 5 airsoft guns that don't require upgrades in this Airsoft GI video... "As you know, Boaz likes airsoft guns that he don't need any upgrades. He looks for airsoft guns that are well build and perform great out of the box.

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