Fulcrum On The BOLT AKS74U BRSS


Fulcrum wants you to watch his video on the BOLT AKS74U BRSS AEG before you go out and buy one... "After 3 years of relatively heavy use, dismantling (both intended and accidental) and sending the enemy (and the occasional friendly) back to respawn. My BOLT AKS74U is still going strong and is still ruining the rest of my airsoft collection. This airsoft AK with recoil is too much fun!

Bolt Airsoft B4 PDW BRSS Tested


Manada Airsoft is impressed with the Bolt Airsoft B4 PDW BRSS, particularly its simulated blowback and recoil feature. This 1/1 scale high-performance assembled electric blowback rifle, equipped with the B.R.S.S. system, offers a semi and fully automatic shooting mode. It boasts a stronger recoil, courtesy of the B.R.S.S., and is constructed with a full metal upper and lower receiver. The rifle also features a quick-change spring system and a two-position PDW stock system.

Arms Magazine: BOLT Airsoft MP5KSS Peaker


A look at the BRSS model with the MP5K body in this video review by Arms Magazine of the BOLT MP5KSS PEAKER... "When talking about the blowback model of the MP5, many people think of Marui's next generation, but on the other hand, the MP5K was surprisingly difficult to find in the lineup, and there was no model that could enjoy electric blowback. Meanwhile, the MP5K electric blowback model is now available from BOLT Airsoft!

Bolt B4A1 Rifle At UK Airsoft


A review of the Bolt B4A1 with the BRSS System by UK Airsoft in this video... "The Bolt B4A1 gives you a high quality M4 style rifle with powerful electric recoil. It features a metal body which gives it a nice realistic weight and feel.

In this video we'll show you:

Bolt Airsoft MP5 BRSS Gameplay


T91 Tactical Airsoft got to try the Bolt Airsoft MP5 AEG with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS) for the first time and here is what he says... "Welcome to another world, this is my first time with a EBBR replica and this is just sick!

Sensation are really nice and build quality is good mad by Bolt!"

Golgy Reviews The Cybergun BOLT Airsoft AKM BRSS


Click on your language captions as Golgy A Sunday Gamer reviews the Cybergun AKM made by BOLT Airsoft with the BRSS. Bolt and Cybergun’s AKM is a modernized AK47 variant with a fixed wooden stock, designed for open terrain. This electric blowback (EBBR) replica, made entirely of steel, features a real wood stock and handguard, a steel body, an ABS motor handle, and official Cyrillic markings.

The Bolt AKS74U BRSS Is A Sledgehammer


That's what Fulcrum says about the Bolt AKS74U BRSS as based on his experience using it... "If the Wolverine MTW is a scalpel, then this airsoft gun is a JACKHAMMER! In this airsoft gameplay video I take my recently fixed BOLT BRSS AKS74U out onto the battlefield at Commando Elite Paintball!

Bolt Airsoft MK18 BRSS Gameplay Video


Airsoft Madness takes the Bolt Airsoft MK18 BRSS which he says has stronger kick than the Tokyo Marui NGRS... "Welcome to my latest Airsoft gameplay video, where I take you on an exciting journey through one of the most thrilling Airsoft missions I've ever played,It was held at Splatoon Airsoft in Essex, and we had to work as a team to win in the 'fall back' game mode.

L'Antre Du Dingo: Cybergun/BOLT SCAR-SC BRSS


It's the turn of L'Antre Du Dingo to give his take on the fully licensed Cybergun/BOLT SCAR-SC BRSS. The BRSS means that it has the Bolt Recoil Shock System which is the simulated blowback and recoil engine for this AEG. It is mainly made of Aluminum/ABS, Nylon and Glass Fiber and Steel, with its compact look, should be good for CQB games.

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