Gunfire: Arrivals From A&K, DYE, Prometheus & More


Get those fingers busy clicking the mouse this weekend if they are not pulling any airsoft trigger as Gunfire got loads of new arrivals and product restock. For airsoft guns, they got the deliveries from A&K, Modify-Tech, and Umarex. For gear, upgrades and gun paints, they got more for you as they have arrivals from Prometheus, FOSCO and Dye Precision. Check them out below:

Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger


Ryan of Laylax got to drop this latest product from Laylax that will be available versy soon for Krytac KRISS Vector AEG owners, the Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger... "Hello LayLax fans and airsoft nation folk, LayLax Rai here. This time we have both a cosmetic and quality of life custom part for your beloved Krytac Kriss Vector. Our new Prometheus fully adjustable custom Vector trigger gives your Kriss Vector a greater edge on the field.

Specna Arms 2020/2021 New Releases Announced


Specna Arms had a busy 2020 amidst the pandemic and has started 2021 running quickly out of the starting line announce new products that including licensed ones from Daniel Defense and Rock River Arms. The products you'll learn more about in this news update are the EDGE 2.0™ series, new CORE models, SAAS line and more... "Last year was abundant with new products from Specna Arms. The newly licensed replicas have appeared, some older models have been upgraded, and the brand expanded its range of accessories.

Prometheus Tight Bore Inner Barrels At

OptimusPrime tests the accuracy that you can get with the Prometheus Tight Bore Inner Barrels from Laylax which they have available... "In Greek mythology, Prometheus created man-kind and stole the power of fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to man-kind. The Myth has little to do with this product but it is a cool story Prometheus-Airsoft would like to share with you. Nevertheless, this is an awesome AEG tight bore barrel favored by many.

Airsoftology On The Prometheus EG Hard Shell Gear Frame


The new Prometheus EG Hard Shell Gear frame from Laylax just changed the way upgrades are done to the internals of version 2 gearboxes. This shell has been designed from the ground up to address the issues encountered in gearvox design, as well as making maintenance and upgrades easier. Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology got his hands on one unit to find out if you it something to plunk down serious cash on.

Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2 8mm Edition


Laylax are now taking pre-orders for the Prometheus EG Hard Gearbox Shell Ver.2 8mm Edition... "LayLax has been working a very long time to get this major project complete as we move forth with our Prometheus series of internal upgrade parts. Our 6mm Gearbox Shell project was made first for the Japanese market where the legal FPS limit is 1 joule in addition to working with the traditional TM spec 6mm guns.

Laylax Prometheus Krytac Spur Gear Spacers


Laylax are taking pre-orders for the Prometheus Krytac Spur Gear Spacers that are available in two sizes... "Stock Krytacs are equipped with self-shimming spring spacers that minimalize the need for shimming. However, horizontal movement of the gears during use can cause the gears to undergo rotational stress resulting in gear and motor noise.

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