Barrel Bags And Dead Rags At Airsoft Station


Having barrel bags and dead rags always in your kit bag ready to be used for keeping safe and not being hit twice on your way to the respawn area should always be a habit. If you don't have these, just go to Airsoft Station as they got these available... "Avoid getting shot after you've already been eliminated by visibly displaying a dead rag from your body or pack. This Official Airsoft Station Dead Rag is a bright red color to avoid confusion on the battlefield, keeping you safer.

Valken Tactical Dead Rag In Stock


Available at the Valken online store is the Dead Rag, to indicate you have taken your hit without the need to raise your hand on your way to the respawn area... "Placing the dead-rag over your head, hat, mask or helmet generally indicates that you are 'hit' and out of the game. It will clearly inform the opposing forces to stop shooting at you thinking that you are a 'live' player."

Airsoft GI: Use Your Dead Rag!


Bob explains the importance of using a dead rag when playing airsoft games. It's just a simple cloth but would help you from being shot further when you already acknowledged your hit. And don't forget to join Bob as his Rebel Training Camp next weekend... "Younger players often complain that they get overshot and as a result they don't have a good time. Using a dead rag effectively can minimize the amount you get shot and help out players on the other team know between those who are out and those who they can shoot.

Merlin Rag Pull Dead Rag Review


The often not thought about but still an important part of an airsofters kit, the Dead Rag, gets a review from Merlin Blogspot. The version he reviews is the most though out of the dead rags, the Rag Pull which can be easily pulled out and placed on headgear, arms, and on the rifle to ensure that you are marked as hit during a game and avoid getting shot at again.

Condor EMT Glove Pouch for Dead Rags


Airsoft GI TV Blog gives us an idea where the dead rag or kill rag can finally have its own pouch so no need looking into all your pockets and pouches when you need to pull it out... "The Condor EMT Glove Pouch is intended to function like a box of Kleenex but better and for disposable Nitrile gloves. Essentially you would reach in between the elastic flaps that retain the gloves and the gloves unfurl as they come out.

3R: Red Rag Rule Initiative


The Red Rag, otherwise also known as the Dead Rag, is now gathering steam for more widespread adoption outside of the USA where it is already a common thing as a hit marker rather than always shouting that you're hit on your way to the regen zone, or for a medic to easily spot you. It is such a lowcost piece of cloth that  you can put on your rifle or your head rather than strain your arm as it's constantly raised.

RagPull Tactical Dead Rag In MC/Coyote Tan


Here's a special offer for those who want to use the RagPull Tactical Dead Rag. And underated product that is useful enough to keep you safe when you're hit and in the middle of a deadzone... "Holiday Season Special! For a limited time, We are offering the RagPull Tactical Dead Rag with Multicam / Coyote Tan as a Pull-Tab option* for $11.99!"

Rogue Element's "RagPull" Dead Rag


When you think there can be no improvement to the Dead Rag, Rouge Element just pulled off one with his "RagPull" Tactical Dead Rag. It's a simple innovation but does the job as you can easily pull it out when you get hit and place it anywhere in your person, be it at Velcro areas especially in the arms and headgear with Velcro provisions, weapon, and have the RagPull visible all the time without straining your arms.

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