Bunny Custom Izhmash Ultra CQB AK GBB


We dig this latest custom work from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom Izhmash Ultra CQB AK Compact GBB Rifle is based on GHK AKM GBB Airsoft Rifle with a custom modify short frontend assembly. The furniture used are the Magpul AK Handguard, Grip and Folding Stock with the receiver having a laser deep engraving of the Izhmash AK Marking and a Surefire style Flash Hider for the business end.

Real Steel: Izhmash VS-121 Sniper Rifle


Whilst we all wait for the official Kalashnikov line of airsoft guns to come out, Izhmash unveiled the prototype of new sniper gun design which we all know that many would love to have an airsoft version of. The Izhmash VS-121 Sniper Rifle is based on the Dragunov but configured to take on 7.62×54mm and 7.62×51mm rounds plus another shell that's said to be being developed by Izhmash.

More of details of this rifle at Russia Today.

Izhmash AK74M Airsoft Video Presentation


Just uploaded last Monday is this video presentation by Izmash of their AK74M airsoft version. Some of the details that see are: Up to 3 joules muzzle velocity, forged barrel, 600 round magazine capacity, and semi-auto firing modes. So it seems that Izhmash now has it almost ready for production and we need pricing and ETA to potential resellers.

If Izhmash makes it right with this AK74M, they may just corner a big chunk of the airsoft market for AKs given that they are own the design.

Izhmash Tapping The U.S. Civilian Market


With no new customers for military sales outside of Russia, Izhmash have been encountering problems of solvency and have in fact declared itself background. While in this mode, they have taken new management to help it tap markets and one big focus is the U.S. civilian market where they're experiencing brisk sales in civilian versions of their AKs and Saigas. With their entry into the airsoft market, they also get to tap a worldwide market of airsoft players who welcome real steel manufacturers offering airsoft versions.

Izhmash AK-100 and Vityaz-SN Promo Clips


Airsoft blog Steklovata have pointed to two clips produced by Izhmash Research and Production Association that feature the AKM-100 and the Vityaz-SN SMG that are well produced and rather impressive to watch and of course it's not the typical Russian loadout this time. So far a Vityaz airsoft version that we know of is the DIY project made by Renegade Cow.

Thumpy: Izhmash to Produce Airsoft AKs


Hmmm… we do not know if this is really new "news" regarding Izhmash Concern producing an airsoft AK as there have been the Yunker series of airguns and the Yunker-5 CO2 powered airsoft gun years back (I first learned about this in 2008). Anyway, there might be changes to the design that make it more fitting for skirmishes. There were issues with the old Yunkers as they use Real Steel receivers and were considered to be deacts and can be made to working  condition as real steel firearms again in the U.S.

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