TacticalXmen PVS 14: A Poor Man's NVG?


Aquafresh tries the TacticalXmen PVS 14 if it is an affordable set of NVGs that airsoft players can use for night games. The TacticalXmen headmounted  PVS-14 monocular night vision device is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic gadget with a rectangular field of view for clear and distant viewing, even in complete darkness. It’s compatible with the J-arm interface, resistant to bumps and vibrations, and perfect for outdoor activities in various locations.

Airsoft Night Games With PVS-14


Poi159 posts a video showing them in a night game using wthe PVS-14 Night Vision Device... "I had the opportunity to attend the ASG Night game hosted at Panther Airsoft by one of our oldest Airosfter at the field, Optix. I was recording using my PVS14 to give you view of whats it like at night.

Let me know if you want more NVG gameplays."

TNVC: PVS-14 Weapon Mounting Limitations


With many ways of using the PVS-14 Night Vision System, whether you mount it for the head as a night vision monocular or as a weapons mount in combination with sighting systems and magnifiers. But there are limitations to weapon mounting as shown by TNVC... "There are limitations to mounting a PVS-14 to a rifle. We discuss some of those limitations."

TNVC: PVS-14 Weapon Mounting Options


This is the fifth installment of the TNVC University covering the PVS-14 Night Vision Device. Three episodes cover mounting options for the PVS-14 with the last episode discussing head mounting options for it. This episode tackles options on mounting the PVS-14 on the weapons for those who prefer combining it with weapons sights or just prefer most optical devices mounted on weapons.

TNVC University: Head Mounting PVS-14s


We're back to our regular class at the TNVC University and the first batch of episodes should have been called PVS-14 101 as these episodes give us an in-depth understanding of the PVS-14 night vision system. This new episode is about head mounting the monocular which will require more to be mounted as compared to just relying on the shroud and arms for helmet mounts... "This video talks about head mounting a PVS-14, as opposed to helmet mounting."

TNVC Video on PVS-14 Accessories


The guys from the TNVC University are not done yet with their discussion on the PVS-14 Night Vision Device as this new episode discusses the accessories made for it and just remember that there also various PVS-14 available in the market... "There are many PVS-14 accessories available. We give a brief overview of some of the more popular ones.

PVS-14-Style Digital Night Vision for Airsoft


Something that any airsoft nightfighter would want to have without breaking the bank as Fox Airsoft will soon have this digital camera with an IR illuminator that has been put in a case similar to a PVS-14 Night Vision Scope... "Jarrod gives an overview of the new Mock Up PVS-14 Digital Night Vision, and gives a glimpse of what the night vision looks like through a camera lens."

Xmas Countdown Sale, PDR, & PVS-14 NVG


A good list of new items and the Christmas announcement from eHobby Asia starting with the items from Magpul PTS, FMA, MadBull Airsoft, AABB, and a custom work for the KJ Works KC-02. But one thing for sure, readers would be interested in a PVS-14-style NVG that actually works so no need to spend big bucks on an NVG system that you just use for airsoft night games. More details below:

"Counting down to a Merry Christmas with these great new items.

AABB Functional PVS14-Style NVG


Here's your chance to own an AN/PVS-14 Monocular NVG without paying its actual price. An AABB replica of this NVG is now available and it's powered by 2 Double A batteries, and is encased in a plastic body. As to the quality of the night vision, we assume this is a Gen1 night vision type. It's right now in stock at EB Airsoft for US$209.00.

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