TacticalXmen PVS 14: A Poor Man's NVG?


Aquafresh TacticalXmen PVS 14: A Poor Man's NVG?

Aquafresh tries the TacticalXmen PVS 14 if it is an affordable set of NVGs that airsoft players can use for night games. The TacticalXmen headmounted  PVS-14 monocular night vision device is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic gadget with a rectangular field of view for clear and distant viewing, even in complete darkness. It’s compatible with the J-arm interface, resistant to bumps and vibrations, and perfect for outdoor activities in various locations. The device features a multi-layer coating technology for the eyepiece and objective lens, enhancing color contrast, vividness, and sharp imaging. It provides superior observation effects with a wide field of view, large exit diameter, and long exit pupil distance for clear observation in low-light environments. The well-sealed focusing system ensures higher accuracy, while the anti-slip design and robust construction offer excellent shockproof performance. This device is ideal for tactical operations, reconnaissance, hunting, security and surveillance, camping, cave exploration, night fishing or boating, wildlife observation and photography.

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