Aluminium Feed Lips For GHK & ViperTech Gas Blowbacks


Tom Harley shows a solution for the misfeeding issue that owners of GHK & ViperTech owners encounter... "Does it really work? Is it worth the extra money? I'm running a torture test. Putting the CNC Aluminum feed lips to the test!

Dear GHK owners especially the GHK AR platform owners,

Vipertech M16A1 Vietnam 603 Gas Blowback Rifle Overview


Perhaps the nearest thing to an Inokatsu build are those airsoft rifles made by Vipertech from Taiwan. In this video, Nextgen Retros goes over their Colt M16/M16A1 Vietnam Model 603 Gas Blowback Rifle... "One of the best M16 GBBs on the market. Forged body and a lot of steel parts. I need for the future an A2 Upper Assembly too!"

ViperTech GBBR Colt LMG/Diemaco LSW


CatgutViolin shows his airsoft Diemaco LSW which he used a Viper Tech M16 Gas Blowback for this project... "Yeah, I got another Vipertech. This has been a 'grail gun' of mine for a while and, to my knowledge, hasn't been replicated before in airsoft. It's conceptually and functionally similar to the GHK AUG LMG, so wasn't too tough to build."

ViperTech MK16 GBB Test By Battlefield Gun Cafe


Korean airsoft retailer Battle Field Gun Cafe are taking pre-orders of the Viper Tech MK16 Gas Blowback Rifle. Viper Tech has high quality build airsoft rifles which they claim can Inokatsu-like... "New Viper Tech products are coming soon. I ran out of time during about 2000 tests, but I was still satisfied and it was time to feel the true taste of GBB. This is something you can expect to perform well."

BB2K Airsoft: ViperTech MKX2 GBB


Vipertech promises Inokatsu quality at a more affordable price as they actually were involved in Inokatsu airsoft gun production before. Will their MKX2 GBB which is based on the Colt XM177E2 be of the same quality or better? Here is Bruce of BB2K Airsoft to give his scrutiny to this GBB... "The Viper Tech MKX2 is a 1:1 replica of the legendary COLT XM177E2, which is the compact version of the Colt M16A1 used during the Vietnam War.



ViperTech is a Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturer that touts to produce Inokatsu-quality build given that it has cooperated with the company in the past. gets to learn more about the SR-16 URX III MOD0  GBB with DTF Solutions... "We have asked Mateusz Kanigowski from DTF Solutions to tell a few words about intresting rifle from Viper Tech offer. Viper Tech used to cooperate with Inokatsu. Mateusz is an ex-airsofter and now his proffesion is shooting instructor in his own company DTF Solutions.

IWA Outdoor Classics 2017: Vipertech


Francis of Vipertech shows the Vipertech Mk18 URX Gas Blowback Rifle with the KAC QDC. This is a hardkicking gas blowback rifle with the receiver made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy. They got a good line of AR-type gas blowback to offer. Yuu can find their gas blowback rifles at some airsoft retailers including CWI Airsoft.

ViperTech Airsoft Gun Destruction Test


Scoutthedoggie took footages of the expensive ViperTech airsoft rifle being subjected to a torture test... "We dropped this $700 ViperTech Airsoft M4 onto concrete from 6ft twice, then drove over it with Ford Transit van. Did it still work after this? Watch and see.."

Vipertech AAC300 Blackout GBBR Limited


Now in stock at CWI Airsoft is the Vipertech AAC 300 Blackout GBBR Limited. It has AAC 300 Style Upper and AAC 300 Style Lower with markings, URX III 8in Hand Guard, KAC 9.5in  Outter Barrel, AAC 300 51T 762 Flash Hider (-14mm CCW), and the URX III Rail Cover Short Version. It has the Crane Stock and Grip in Tan colour and has an initial muzzle velocity of 120 m/s on 0.20g BBs.

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