Booligan: EMG/SAI 2011 Project Update


Last July 2017, Booligan Airsoft & Shooting Sports reviewed the EMG/Salien Arms International 2011 DS Hi-Capa Pistol. Now he updates us with a new project using it as a base gun. So what is he up to with this pistol?... "Tricking out your gun is my favorite part of airsoft, and this EMG/SAI 2011 is a great base gun for some cool custom work."

A&K "Mare's Leg" Restomod SBR Build


Another of those custom airsoft gun builds by Booligan Airsoft & Shooting Sports. With an Angel Custom Suppressor which can be found at, Booligan builds what he calls the A&K 1892 "Mare's Leg" Restomod SBR Build. Find out how he managed to put a suppressor on the rifle in the video below:

Booligan Airsoft: WUBEN Tactical Pen


For the US$29.99 from Amazon, you get a three-in-one tactical pen that gives you 130 lumens of brightness. Booligan Airsoft reviews the Wuben Tactical Pen if it gives you more bang for the buck... "What happens when a pen, a window breaker, and a flashlight all get drunk and flirty one night? You get this thing."

Booligan: AW Double Barrel Hi-Capa


Better prepare that vomit bucket if you are already nauseated with these double barrel airsoft pistols coming into the market. Booligan Airsoft and Shooting Sports reviews the Armorer Works Custom Double Barrel Airsoft Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol. In stock at, it is available in black or two-tone colour.

Booligan: Olight PL-2 Valkyrie Weaponlight


Booligan Airsoft got another weaoponlight to review. The Olight PL-2 Valkyrie got 1200 lumens available and costs US$99.95... "A weapon mounted light is a no-brainer if you play in CQB or other low light situations. Finding one that is ridiculously bright and easy to use can be a bit of a challenge, but Olight sent us their PL-2 Valkyrie to test out, and so far, I'm impressed."

SAI-EMG 2011 DS Hi-Capa Overview


Booligan Airsoft is now back and the Gun Wall is missing, save for a few pistols on a shelf. Anyway, here is his overview of the SAI-EMG 2011 DS Hi-Capa Blowbacl Pistol... "Evike has partnered with Salient Arms and produced a very nice looking replica of their 2011 DS pistol. This full metal, gas blowback pistol is available in two lengths and will soon be available with CO2 power."

Booligan Airsoft New Studio/Channel Update


Booligan Airsoft got an update for his fans and subscribers. His YouTube Channel/Studio will be hibernating for a short period as he will make changes, setting up a new studio with a new background. Will it more airsoft guns on the wall? We'll know soon enough and we'd rather have Booligan surprise us... "Hey guys, some changes are coming to the channel, stay tuned to see what we have coming down the pipeline."

Booligan: ASG Dan Wesson 715 Revolvers


Booligan Airsoft checks out the ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolvers, the shorter ones at that (both 2.5" and 4") and come with moonclips for easier reloading... "ASG changed the airsoft revolver market in 2016 with the 6-in. Dan Wesson 715 revolver. Now they've tweaked that model with shorter barrels and Moonclip compatibility!"

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