BunnyCustom Gold & Black Zenit GHK AK GBBR


Time to burn money again on a custom airsoft gun from Bunny Workshop. This BunnyCustom Gold & Black Zenit GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle is kitted up with Asura Dynamics external furniture, especiall with the Zenit-style parts. Other parts upgrades are Hephaestus parts and Maple Leaf. As for the price, better drop them a note to enquire.

Here is the full list of upgrades for the custom work:

Bunny Custom SLR AK ION GBB Rifle


This is one AK GBB you might want to grab from Bunny Workshop. The Bunny Custom SLR AK ION Gas Blowback Rifle is based on GHK AK105 GB BR and kitted with the SLR AK ION 9.0" Lite MLOK-S. It is also upgraded with the Hephaetus CNC Steel Enhancement Parts such as the AK Firing Pin, Steel Sear, Steel Trigger, and Auto Lever. It also has the W&S Steel Bolt for GHK AK GBB Rifle and the final touch is the MAGPUL MOE AK Grip.

BunnyCustom H&K MP5A5 GBB SMG


With the VFC MP5A5 Gen 2 Gas Blowback SMG now out, Bunny Workshop took one to customise it. They equipped it with a Surefire 628LMF MP5 Handguard Light, Aimpoint COMPM2 Red Dot Scope with outer rubber coversm and the Prometheus EG Barrel 6.03mm L: 250mm for Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB to replace the inner barrel.

Daruma Custom F Style Brace Holster


Available now at Bunny Workshop is the Daruma Custom F Style Brace Holster. This can be used inside/outside the waist band and fits Tokyo Marui Gen3 G17, G22, G34, G19 as well as the Umarex(VFC) Gen 3,4,5 G17, G19, G19x. Outside/Inside the waistband clips are included with guards for the auto-deploy button to prevent accidental ejection. It has a trrigger and mag-release guard and is reversible for left and right handed shooters. The Appendix carry compatible with optional belt clips.

GHK M4A1 GBB Rifle 2018 Ver. 2


Bunny Workshop announce that they have the new GHK M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle 2018 Version 2 in stock. This is fully licensed from Cybergun, so that means it can use the Colt tradenarks. It has enhanced hard anodized and after-bake coating, new hop-up system, ver. 6.0 hammer, and stable bolt lock. As always, it has the powerful and stable recoil system.

Umarex/KWA HK417A2 GBB At Bunny Workshop


How about that for a change? A horse presenting an airsoft gun. Bunny Workshop got the Umarex HK417A2 GBB Rifle made by KWA in stock right now. Fully licensed, it comes with the proper markings as well a having a 30-round gas magazine... "The airsoft version of the gun is renowned for its strong and satisfy recoil impulse and accurate shooting.

Bunny Custom GHK SIG 553 GBB Rifle


For those looking for a more realistic-looking GHK SIG 553 Gas Blowback Rifle, Bunny Workshop got a custom version that you might want. The Bunny Custom GHK SIG 553 GBB got the Laser marking engravings in areas where they should be. It is also kitted with the Maple Leaf CNC Hop Up Chamber Set for GHK 553 and the Maple Leaf Crazy Jet Inner barrel (240mm). If you want one, better enquire at their Facebook Page.

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