Garand Thumb: Can You SILENCE A 50 CAL?


What do you think? Is it possible to suppress the sound of a .50CAL when fired? Garand Thumb tries in this video... "A 50 BMG produces an enormous amount of energy per trigger pull. Can you silence the immense amount of powder being put out by such a weapon? How effective can this possibly be? Today the Garand Thumb Science team investigates."

DIY Shell-Ejecting Nerf .50 Cal


Jeroha shows his homemade DIY Shell ejecting Nerf .50 Cal rifle and how he built it. He mentions it as an airsoft but it fires Nerf foam darts as seen in the video instead of BBs... "A DIY .50 Cal Airsoft sniper made with cutting boards, pvc and 3D printed parts. The springs i got out of a mechanical party popper from the Albert Heijn store."

Alpha Opener .50 Cal Bottle Opener


Phil White writes about the Alpha Openers... "I received two of the most popular Alpha Openers. They work well and if you can’t pop the cap with one of these you need to take a few trips to the gym.The first is a .50 cal polished FMJ and the other is a .50 cal cleaned up but not polished. This version has an honest to goodness API bullet. The company also makes another opener milled from a standard AR flash suppressor.

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