Removing The Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Hop Unit


Fulcrum has this guide for owners of the Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 so they can remove the hop-up unit properly... "In this airsoft​ guide I'll be showing you how to remove the hop unit from an Ares Amoeba Striker Airsoft sniper rifle, the airsoft gun in this tutorial is an AS01 Striker but this guide should work with the AS02 and the silly little AS03.

Amoeba Striker 2 With The Wolverine Bolt & Wraith


Warducks Airsoft show a custom Amoeba Striker 2 airsoft sniper rifle that has been customised for HPA power with the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt engine and the Wraith CO2 to HPA system... "This is the Amoeba Striker 2 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle with the Wolverine HPA Bolt and the Wraith CO2 to HpA system. this system is excellently integrated in the stock. this gun and its parts are available at TNT Airsoft. Big thanks to Kryptic for showing us another private collection piece."

Gunfire Weekend News: Joker Custom, Lambda, Ares & More


A long list of new arrivals at Gunfire that you can browse through at their online store this weekend if you're unable to go out to play airsoft due to the lockdown. They got Joker Custom airsoft guns, Umbrella Armory custom airsoft guns, Ares Airsoft, Amoeba Airsoft, Specna Arms SV-98 CORE, and Lambda upgrades from Japan.

Amoeba Striker Tactical T1 At Gunfire


A quick presentation of the Amoeba Airsoft Striker Tactical T1 that is available in different colours at Gunfire... "After the success of the first edition of STRIKER sniper rifle replicas, the AMOEBA brand decided to follow the blow and presented a refreshed, improved version of that model - Striker TACTICAL T1.

Upgraded Ares Amoeba Striker AS02 Accuracy Test


Riddler Goose tests an upgraded Amoeba Striker ASO2 sniper rifle from Ares Airsoft. The upgrades include parts from Action Army and Maple Leaf... "In this video I will be shooting the ARES AS02 Striker which has been upgraded. The parts are as follows. CPSB 004 Cylinder and all the internals, Action Army Hop Chamber, Maple leaf hop rubber 50 degrees and a hop adjustment wheel. This is also a good opportunity to play with different camera angles and my new scopecam.

Smooth Bolt & Upgrades To The Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle


The Real Deal Airsoft shows how to do an upgrade to the Amoeba Airsoft Striker Sniper Rifle using the Ares Airsoft High Volume Cylinder in this video... "What's up my Real Dealers? Hope you're all good! Today we will be talking about some upgrades & You will learn HOW TO ACHIEVE A SMOOTH CYLINDER PULL for free!

You will also learn about what upgrades I recommend for your Ares Ameoba Striker Sniper!

Hyperdouraku Amoeba Striker AST-01 Sniper Rifle Review


Another airsoft sniper rifle from Amoeba brand of Ares Airsoft is in the market, the Striker AST-01, gets reviewed by Hyperdouraku... "This time, we will review the original design bolt action rifle, STRIKER AST-01, from Hong Kong airsoft gun maker ARES brand AMOEBA. I've been interested in this model for a long time, so I'm looking forward to the actual shooting test.

Ares MSR 303 Sniper Rifle, Kel-tec RDB & Amoeba Mutant


Joe Toys presents new products from Ares Airsoft, the MSR 303, Kel-tec RDB and the Amoeba Mutant AEG... "This year, Ares airsoft is very aggressive and actively release different styles. No matter the rifle or sniper rifle and the ammunition pot, many new products have been launched.

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