MP5 With Wolverine Airsoft Inferno Gameplay


ATA Airsoft brings out his airsoft MP5 equipped with the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA engine to play... "Trying out my new MP5 with Wolverine Inferno v3. Out ranges most snipers on the field, lightweight, very accurate and of course we all love MP5s!! Running 1.7 joules at 100 PSI with 0.43 BB's."

New MTW Billet Series Coming In


Update from Wolverine Airsoft about their new MTW Billet Series... "In 2020, events caused a run on AR-15 firearms. The resulting parts shortage threatened the future of the MTW airsoft replica which shares many parts with the real steel firearm on which it's based.

Wolverine Airsoft MTWs Back At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez got the Wolverine Airsoft MTW back in stock. The only complete HPA rifle in the market that has been designed from the ground up, the MTW is available in different lengths and configurations. Airsoftjunkiez also got a custom version, turning one into a MK18.

A Closer Look At The Wolverine WRAITH Aero Stock


Another look at the Wraith Aero Stock from Wolverine Airsoft, a closer one this time... "Here is a closer look at some of the old and new features of the Wraith Aero Stock for the Wolverine Airsoft MTW. The Aero allows you to power the MTW with an external tank and air line. The Aero allows you to use a 13 cubic inch HPA tank right in the stock of the MTW, providing roughly 1,000 shots per tank. These are available at your local Airsoft retailer or at"

Wolverine Airsoft Update On Production Lead Times


The Covid-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on production at many companies due to the supply chain being disrupted. In airsoft there are companies affected as well as Rich Lort of Wolverine Airsoft gives an update of their production lead times... "Rich gives an apology and explanation of some recent issues with production lead times and supply chain issues."

Amoeba Striker 2 With The Wolverine Bolt & Wraith


Warducks Airsoft show a custom Amoeba Striker 2 airsoft sniper rifle that has been customised for HPA power with the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt engine and the Wraith CO2 to HPA system... "This is the Amoeba Striker 2 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle with the Wolverine HPA Bolt and the Wraith CO2 to HpA system. this system is excellently integrated in the stock. this gun and its parts are available at TNT Airsoft. Big thanks to Kryptic for showing us another private collection piece."

Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTW At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez customers waiting for the new Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTW series can now order from the store as they now have them in stock. The series come with Forged Upper and Lower Receivers, Invictur M-Lok Rails and whole lot of features designed to make any HPA airsoft player happy... "Wolverine Airsoft Forged MTW are in stock and ready to ship. Limited supplies."

Replacing The Feed Tube On Your MTW


Wolverine Airsoft got this video for owners of the MTW on how to replace carefully the feed tube... "We have had a number of customers break their feed tubes when replacing them into their MTW. Cody shows the best ways to do it without breaking it."

JG Bar 10 With Wolverine Bolt System Installed


Long Shot the HPA Sniper, a member of the Omega Squad, talks about his JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle that uses the BOLT System from Wolverine Airsoft... "Introduction to YouTube and discussing my JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle with the Wolverine Bolt system. RunCam 4K Scope Cam, First Strike tank, Wolverine Storm regulator and Maple Leaf hop-up and bucking system."

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