Vipertech AAC300 Blackout GBBR Limited


Now in stock at CWI Airsoft is the Vipertech AAC 300 Blackout GBBR Limited. It has AAC 300 Style Upper and AAC 300 Style Lower with markings, URX III 8in Hand Guard, KAC 9.5in  Outter Barrel, AAC 300 51T 762 Flash Hider (-14mm CCW), and the URX III Rail Cover Short Version. It has the Crane Stock and Grip in Tan colour and has an initial muzzle velocity of 120 m/s on 0.20g BBs.

RA-Tech AAC300 & New Items At eHobby Asia


The NPAS version of the RA-Tech Custom WE M4 AAC300 10.75 Inch GBB is now available at eHobby Asia as part of a new batch of items that arrived at their store. Other airsoft guns included the Apple Airsoft 98K Professional Gas Rifle with Real Wood and the WinGun 6inch CO2 High Power 6mm Magnum Revolver. More airsoft accessories and gear are available too such as from SPEED Airsoft, LED Lenser, Platatac, Hazard 4, and 5.11 Tactical.

AOD: RA-Tech AAC300 GBB Drop Test


Perhaps you have already seen this video last year, but here it is again courtesty of AirSplat On Demand about the RA-Tech AAC300 with the Forged Receiver dropped from a drone at a height... "Airsoft Gun Free Drop Test - AAC 300 with RA TECH Receiver. Watch an AAC 300 Blackout with a RA-TECH forged receiver get dropped from 100ft in the air and then run over by a car! The gun still fired just like nothing even happened to it!

Custom GHK M4 GBB AAC300 Preview


A preview of the new custom GBB rifle from RA-Tech and assembly of their Challenge Package for those not familiar with this challege kit yet... "RA TECH releases a new custom product, the Custom AAC 300 from GHK M4. This time, RA TECH assembles the Challenge package for you. Watch this video and find out how to do it on your own."

RA-Tech AAC300 Bolt Carrier Blowback Test


The AAC300 gas blowback rifle from RA-Tech undergoes even more abuse. Previously, we have seen this dropped from the air using some drones and now the bolt carrier gets fully tested first be test firing it with a gas magazine and further test to ensure it withstands constant use. Find out for yourself if you will be impressed in the video below.

RA-Tech Custom WE M4 AAC300 Series LV1


RA-Tech just went all out promoting the AAC300 series together with their online airsoft retail brand, Airsoft Taiwan. We've noticed that the company has been focused on the AAC300 in recent months showing tests and upgrade parts and now they have a complete AAC300 which is their Custom WE M4 AAC300 series LV1 that you can get for US$527.00.

AAC300 Accessories from Airsoft Taiwan


Two videos sent in by Airsoft Taiwan with the first one which should be an interest for AAC300 users as they have a sound suppressor which does the job a bit at the foreend as shown in decibel test the conducted. Its heavy suppressor which weighs at about 500grams so it consider that factor when your AAC becomes front heavy when you install it.

RA-Tech Custom AAC300 Drop Test Part 2


Over the weekend we have shown you a drop test at 20 metres of the RA-Tech Custom SVOBODA 300 Front End Kit with the RA-Tech Forged Receiver. That drop was done over soft ground. In the second test, it is a little lower this time at 10 metres, but the surface that it will hit is solid concrete. Will it survive the fall? Watch the video below:

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