Vorsk RIFs 20% Off At Land Warrior Sports


Christmas discount shopping comes early at Land Warrior Sports at they are taking 20% off the prices of Vorsk & Nuprol RIFs... "Just a normal Wedensday... How would you all feel if Land Warrior started our legendary Christmas sales.... now?!

Right now at Land Warrior Sports, we're offering a 20% discount across our entire range of Vorsk and Nuprol RIFs!

Nuprol Matrix MGL 40mm Launcher Review


Broken Arrow tests what we believe to be the Nuprol Matrix MGL 40mm Launcher, which uses the 40mm gas grenade shell, which he says is every CQB enthusiast’s nightmare. Well, just imagine a shower of BBs aimed at you in a QCB game. The NUPROL Matrix MGL, a grenade launcher with a revolver-like design, can swiftly discharge the contents of up to six 40mm MOSCART grenade shells. This design is inspired by the real steel Milkor M32 MGL.

Vorsk VMP-1 GBB Bolt & Stock Maintenance


If you are a new owner of the Vorsk VMP-1 GBB, then you might want to bookmark this for future reference when you need to do some maintenance to keep in in tip top shape. This airsoft SMG has a lightweight polymer receiver, a 48-round magazine, and an abundance of 20mm rails for attaching airsoft accessories. The side-folding stock features a spring-loaded hinge and an innovative design, while the ambidextrous fire selector and mottled stippled grip enhance comfort during firing.

Logan Plays: Nuprol Sierra Storm Bravo Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun


Is the Nuprol Sierra Storm Bravo Tri-Shot Airsoft Shotgun worth buying? Logan Plays tries to answer the question in this video. The Nuprol Sierra Storm Bravo 3 Shot Triple Barrel Pump Action Shotgun is a tri-shot weapon that shoots three bb’s simultaneously. It has a plastic receiver and a standard pump action grip. It features iron sights and a short RIS scope rail for aiming. It comes with three shells that are compatible with Nuprol Shotgun Shells.

Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG


Tactical Dads Airsoft gives opinion on the Nuprol Delta  Pioneer Defender AEG, if it is the best budget AEG under £150. The Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender M4 is a value AEG with a picatinny rail, a birdcage flash hider, a detachable rear sight and a 6 position stock. It has a 6.03mm Aluminium Tightbore Barrel, a quick change spring system, a full steel toothed piston, and a reinforced nylon fibre receiver, flash hider, rail, outer barrel and stock tube.

Nuprol Sierra Storm Airsoft Shotgun Review


Logan Plays tries the Nuprol Siera Storm Airsoft Shotgun if it something he would recommend to airsoft players in this video review and more... "Hi! Thanks for watching our review of the Nuprol Airsoft Shotgun! You should be able to decide whether or not you want to buy this

This gun was bought from Drapers gun shop.

In this video we’ll walk you through:

Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol & VX-14 Requiem Edition At IWA 2023


At the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023, Tom of Vorsk/Nuprol presents to us the upcoming Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol that many in the UK are anticipating its release which is expected in the latter half of April 2023 and should give the compact/SMG GBBs such as the MP7s, Uzis, and MP9s stiff competition. He also shows to us the VX-14 Requiem Edition Gas Blowback which we like for its sleek and elegant design.

Nuprol Vorsk VX-14 GBB Pistol


Expected this month is the VX-14 Gas Blowback Pistol from Vorsk... "A modern take on the 'traditional' VX-9 platform. The VX-14 includes many features found on the VX-9 such as the signature slide ridge rail and the inclusion of a barrel extending suppressor kit.
Updates include a higher capacity, double stacked magazine (Hi-Capa compatible) with more rounds and larger gas reservoir. Fibre sights, polymer furniture and modern slide markings update this airsoft sidearm for the modern age.

New Nuprol Items At Land Warrior Airsoft


Land Warrior Airsoft got a delivery of holsters, cases and bags from Nuprol this month... "Based in the UK, Nuprol are a great brand that offers guns and gear, featuring all the latest ideas and innovations, Nuprol has your back!

Rock Bottom Airsoft: Nuprol Bocca Tracer Unit


Rock Bottom Airsoft does a comprehensive review of the Bocca Tracer Unit from Nuprol... "In this video we take a look at an affordable Tracer unit for your Airsoft replicas. Including a test fire using it in low light conditions.

Tracer units look cool as an accessory but really come into their own in low light play. Indoor CQB or night games can certainly benefit from a Tracer unit. They allow you to track your shots as well as looking awesome.

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