Gamergasm: Nuprol RTG Tactical Vest


Gamergasm takes a look at his new Nuprol RTG Tactical Vest and compares it to his 2-year old one... "Hello guys its Gamergasm here and welcome back to another episode of Gamergasm Loots. In today's episode we are reviewing the NUPROL RTG Tactical Vest, I've been running this chest rig for over 2 years now and only recently purchased a brand new one to replace my existing one. Lets get into this weeks review and see how good this airsoft Tactical vest is."

Nuprol PEQ-style Laser/Light Module Review


More options in getting a PEQ-style box with laser and light with this NUPROL NPQ15 Laser/Light Module as reviewed by Rock Bottom Airsoft... "In this video we are going to have a look at the Nuprol laser light module, also known as a PEQ. This device includes a light, visible laser and IR laser. I purchased this device primarily, as with all things Airsoft, because I think they look cool on a replica and I wanted something more than a battery box type replica.

Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG Carbine Pre Two Tone


A quick overview on the features of the Nuprol Delta Pioneer Defender AEG Carbine Pre Two Tone recommended for beginners that is available at Patrol Base... "The internals are the really exciting part of the Pioneer Defender, sharing many components with top-end AEGs, including a quick change spring system, full steel tooth piston, a micro switch trigger, an excellent high torque flat motor and even a 6.03 tight bore barrel.

"Is This The Best Airsoft AEP Battery?"


Robin Berntsen takes a look at a Nuprol Lipo battery if it is something to recommend for AEP use... "This video is meant to help you to chose if a lipo is the right choice for your AEP.

It is not a review but a helping hand to help you to chose a battery. And at least a helping hand to put the battery inn the right way."

Gunfire Bunny Hunt Sale 2021 Final Call


Get those fingers busy clicking the mouse as Gunfire's Bunny Hunt Sale is ending soon and they don't want you to miss out on discounts of up to 86% with over 2500 included in the sale. Also, they've got arrivals from LCT Airsoft, G&G, BOLT Airsoft, and Nuprol.

VORSK Hi-Capa GBB Shooting Tests


L'antre du Dingo checks out how the VORSK Hi-Capa GBB pistol performs initially as part of his review and here is what he says... "To get a good replica, it is not enough to write "premium" on the box and sell it for a high price.

To obtain a good replica, we develop, we test, we improve until we obtain the desired quality / price combination.

Vorsk is part of an interesting approach, that of offering a lot of different designs, different colors, well-filled boxes and relatively modular replicas.

Nuprol Nomad Romeo AEG Unboxing


Pheas Airsoft usually does review CYMA AEGs but for this unboxing video, he takes a look a the Noman Romeo AEG from Nuprol... "Welcome to the first of the old school video releases in the run up to Xmas 2020. These are videos I have had for a while but never found their way into being released! Be gentle with them ha ha ha!

Here we have the NUPROL Nomad Romeo AK variant courtesy of JTAC Customs.

Come and check out what we thought to this piece."

Vorsk Titan 7 Review By Stigmau5


Stigmau5 tries to find out if the Vorsk Titan 7 GBB Pistol from Nuprol is better than Hi-Capa Gold Match GBB Pistol from Tokyo Marui... "Is the Vorsk Titan 7 airsoft pistol Better than Tokyo Marui Hi Cappa Gold Match? This is a question I asked myself before doing this review. On paper it certainly ticks a few boxes as well as looking the part. Will that be enough to call this Better than Tokyo Marui Hi Cappa Gold Match? Stay to tuned to hear my thoughts on the Vorsk Titan 7."

Vorsk Agency VX-9 Dual Pack Unboxing By Airsoft Mike


Special Edition Vorsk Agency VX-9 Dual Pack unboxing done by airsoft's unboxing king, Airsoft Mike... "Today we unbox the twin pack of the Vorsk Agency VX-9, based on that very popular franchise that has an agent called 47!

This particular product has a very limited run and already hard to find, HOWEVER, they do also come as a single sidearm, so you can just buy two if you really want that 47 vibe!"

Airsoft Mike: Nuprol Vorsk EU17 Vented Chrome Model


For many, Vorsk is a new brand that is carried by UK-based Nuprol. Sporting a Glock-style design, it has a CNC finished slide that has vents which also means a lighter weight and has an initial muzzle velocity of 300 fps. You can check European airsoft retailers if they have this in stock. Airsoft Mike does an unboxing and quick overview of this GBB pistol... "Today I unbox and take a look at the fairly new to the market, Vorsk EU17 Vented Chrome model."

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