Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol & VX-14 Requiem Edition At IWA 2023


IWA 2023 Vorsk/Nuprol

At the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023, Tom of Vorsk/Nuprol presents to us the upcoming Vorsk VMP1 GBB Machine Pistol that many in the UK are anticipating its release which is expected in the latter half of April 2023 and should give the compact/SMG GBBs such as the MP7s, Uzis, and MP9s stiff competition. He also shows to us the VX-14 Requiem Edition Gas Blowback which we like for its sleek and elegant design. Also presented by Tom are the VM9 Osiris GBB Pistol which is already on the market, and the VM9 GBB Pistol which iss equipped with rails on top and under barrel to mount accessories.


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