Airsoft Mike: Ares Airsoft SL10 EBB


Airsoft Mike does another unboxing and overview of an AEG from Ares Airsoft. The Ares Airsoft SL10 has the electric blowback feature and is the Tactical ECU Version. This has Nylon Fibre Body with a Picatinny top rail. The gearbox is reinforced with full steel geat set. The fire selector is ambidextrous... "Today I showcase the Ares SL10. The platform that can't make its mind up on what it is. And I love it!"



Next up for the unboxing king of airsoft, Airsoft Mike, to unbox is the ICS SARSILMAZ SAR 9 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Thanks to ICS, today I get my hands on a brand new airsoft product that is not much younger than its real counterpart! Relatively speaking. Join me as I unbox the officially licensed ICS SAR 9."

Airsoft Mike: WE Airsoft L85A2 Gas Blowback


This is just the first part of the unboxing an overview of the WE Airsoft L85A2 GBB Bullpup Rifle by Airsoft Mike... "Today I unbox the updated version, the latest batch, of the WE-TECH L85A2.

The most talked about GBB ever! But not always good!

HOWEVER.. what out of the box improvements have WE-TECH made for this 2020 purchase?

Join me now in part one of two videos I am making as I explore this awesome looking L85!

Airsoft Mike: Poseidon Punisher 5 AEG Unboxing


We go back to the king of airsoft unboxing videos, Airsoft Mike as he gives a quick overview of the Poseidon Punisher 5 AEG. Poseido is an aisoft company based in Taiwan... "A huge thanks to Poseidon for sending out their latest products for me to play with! Yes 'another M4' but wait!... This one has something a little different under the hood!"

Airsoft Mike: Umarex MP7A1 Gen 2 GBB


Another look at the recently released Umarex MP7A1 Gen 2 GBB made by VFC, this time it is an unboxing and overview by Airsoft Mike... "Today I unbox a personal purchase. It's the new gen, version 2 of the MP7A1. Fully licensed with all the trades. Enjoy!"

Airsoft Mike: Tippmann Omega V2 CO2 Version


An unboxing video of the Tippmann Omega V2 C92 Version by Airsoft Mike. A Tippmann Tactical Electro Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle, this has an internal regular for adjusting velocity, preset ROFs at 10, 15, and 25, runs on 2 12g CO2 cartidges with optional stock and air canister. It can also run of 13ci HPA tank on the stock or tethered to an HPA tank via hose.

Upgraded WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB Pistol


This full WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB pistol, which can also shoot in full auto, got some upgrades before Airsoft Mike did a review. The upgrades included are a RA Steel CNC outerbarrel, Maple Leaf hop-up chamber, Maple Leaf hop up adjusment wheel, T-N.T. S+ Barrel, and the T-N.T. T hop-up bucking... "Today I finally get around to unboxing and taking a look at the very familiar We-Tech G18c, HOWEVER, this one has some serious internal upgrades!

Airsoft Mike: JG MAC-10 Electric Machine Pistol


We get another look at the MAC-10 AEG from Jing Gong by Airsoft Mike. We are not sure if this is an updated version of the MAC-10 AEP that was released years back and it was based on the Tokyo Marui MAC-10 released 13 years ago... "It's the return of the Mac on the Airsoft Mike YouTube channel! But this time the MAC-10!

Join me as I unbox and test this product, with mixed feelings! A quick search on Google will reveal if your fave or local airsoft retailer is still stocking these!

Airsoft Mike: AGM STG-44 Upgraded Version


Find out if this upgraded version of the AGM STG-44 AEG from Swit Airsoft is the upgrade you want. Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of this upgraded AEG... "The new fully upgraded MP44 airsoft primary from Swit Airsoft. It performs even better with heavier BBs and is sure to turn heads during gameplay! Join me as I unbox and take a detailed look at this airsoft representation of a WWII (tail end) primary! Huge thanks to Swit Airsoft!"

Airsoft Mike's Upgraded Action Army AAP-01


What's the improvement in this upgraded Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol owned by Airsoft Mike? Well, this is already upgraded by Swit Airsoft with T-N.T. T hop up bucking and a T-N.T. S+ Precision Barrel. Should have better range and accuracy, shouldn't it? Watch the video... "Today I get to unbox and test the new Action Army AAP-01! Supplied to me by Swit Airsoft..."

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27 Sep 2020

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