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Tokyo Marui HK416C & M4 Patriot HC At The 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

Hyperdouraku TM HK416C 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

The airsoft world are waiting for Hyperdouraku to give the first report on what took place at the Tokyo Marui display area at the ongoing 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show and Yas did not disappoint. Whilst before we always get 4 product teasers before any major trade event Tokyo Marui, this time there was none. But we did get a heads up from Tokyo Marui early this week that there will be new product announcements.

For HK416 fans, it's something to look forward to as Tokyo Marui unveiled the HK416C NEG. Set for release in Spring 2016, Yas sees that its pricing would the same as the Tokyo Marui HK416D NEG. The HK416C is easily identified with its unique telescopic stock that has been copied for the AR platform, allowing the shooter to use it as an SBR or as a PDW. It has the usual HK416 markings seen in the HK416D and HK416 DEVGRU Custom and the foregrip that comes with it is also based on the Heckler & Koch design.

There are two ways to power TM H4K16C NEG. The first is the use of a Mini-S Nickel-Metal Hydride battery that is located in the 30-round magazine which will come with the package. The magazine has a terminal that connects it to the AEG and for milsim or training situations this would probably an acceptable magazine to use. The second way to power this NEG is to use the PEQ box that can be mounted on the flat top rail system of the TM HK416C where you can use it as a battery box to power the HK416C. This allows you to use the regular 80-round or 430 high capacity new generation M4/HK416 magazines from Tokyo Marui.

It looks like for the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show, the new products are more suitable for close combat airsoft battles as the next one is really good for that ---- the Tokyo Marui M4 Patriot High Cycle (HC) Custom. You are probably already well acquainted with the High Cycle series as these have higher rates of fire (ROF) as compared to the regular releases.  Pricing is seen to be the same as the M4 CRW and most probably it will also be released in Spring 2016.

It comes with Patriot markings and if you want to really sow mayhem in the CQB facility, you can get the optional twin-drum magazine that can carry 1,200 rounds. The charging handle is located at the handguard area and can be operated on either the left or right side. Yas says that the inspiration for this design is probably from Rock River Arms, who are known for the M4 Patriot Pistol AR designs.

We were also advised early this week that there is a new update for the AA-12 AES that will be revealed at the Hobby Show and it’s a mounting accessory that have to be purchased separately. This mounting accessory provides you with a  flat top rail mount at the front area for you to mount optics and a laser or PEQ box.

Some of  those on display you probably have already read in the report of Hyperdouraku at the recent 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival held earlier this month such as the Z/ZET System update for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS, thetan colours for the MP7A1 and the wood stock for the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas-Powered Shotgun. For pistols it is the Glock 34 Gas Blowback Pistol.

We'll be posting a full report on Tokyo Marui at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show soon after we publish our full report on the 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival. For the meantime visit Hyperdouraku for the full updates on Tokyo Marui at the Hobby Show.