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Tokyo Marui Unveils MTR16, G19 3rd Gen, HK416D Delta Black, & Albert.W.Model 01P

Tokyo Marui 57th Shizouka Hobby Show

The 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan is on its third day and many are expecting what Tokyo Marui will unveil at the event. The company did not disappoint as there is a new collectible from the Biohazard Series as they continue their collaboration with CAPCOM;  a new Gas Blowback Rifle Design;  a new Glock GBB Pistol; and black version of the Best Airsoft AEG for the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.

For the first two days, the event is open to Trade visitors. Thus, it is more of a business-like atmosphere at the show as buyers go all over the Twin Messe Shizuoka to check out what is on display and determine what products they want to procure for their hobby companies and sell to their end consumers in their own countries.

By the weekend, the event will be finally open to the public. For airsoft players planning to visit the Tokyo Marui booth at the show, they can expect more, apart from the new products that have been unveiled. They can check the airsoft guns on display or try them out at the shooting range they have setup at the venue. There is merchandise from the Tokyo Marui Official Webshop that can be purchased on site. As always, there will be product presentations which are always well-attended.

We’re pretty sure that you want details and specifications of the new products, so here they are they are as based on the product documents Tokyo Marui happily translated for us:


Series: Gas Blowback
Price: JPY22,800
On-Sale: Planned to be ready in June 2018
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Collaboration with CAPCOM game for the “BioHazard” series.
  • This model is not a limited edition like “Samurai Edge standard model”. This is available throughout the year.
  • Blue umbrella medallion of “UMBRELLA CORPORATION” which appears in “BioHazard 7” is embedded in the grip. 
  • Product name is “ALBERT.W.MODEL 01P”. Last letter of “P” is the first letter of “Performance”.
  • Setting of “this handgun is made in UMBRELLA CORPORATION” which is adopted by special force of UMBRELLA CORPORATION which appeared in video game “RESIDENT EVIL7”. *Although this model is not a “Samurai Edge”,  therefore “Samurai Edge” is not included in the model name.
  • Dedicated short type outer barrel.
  • White dot combat sight.
  • The slide is not the brigadier type. Engraved “UMBRELLA CORPORATION” in the side, also engraved serration in the front side.
  • 20mm rail integrated frame is beaver tail.
  • The space is available to stock AWM01P in the gun case of “THOR’S HAMMER <ALBERT.W.MODEL 02>” limited model which releasedwas released this February.

Production Specifications:

Length: Undetermined
Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
Weight: Undetermined
Capacity: 26 rounds
Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
Power Source: HFC134a、HFO1234ze+LPG


Series: Next Generation Automatic Electric Gun
Price: JPY 69,800
On-Sale: Coming soon
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Decided to release an all black version of the Next Generation Electric Gun “HK416 DELTA Custom”
  • SMR HK type handguard, detachable rail, receiver, grip, and stock are all black.
  • KAC type backup site is originally equipped.
  • SUREFIRE type flash hider attached. Hider and dedicated outer barrel are made by aluminum cutting.
  • Adjustable six-position crane-type stock.
  • Shooting performance is the same as HK416DELTA CUATOM and HK416D.

Production Specifications:

Length: 711 mm/787mm(Stock extended)
Inner Barrel Length: 275mm
Weight: 3,365g (Additional rails x3, empty magazine, battery included)
Capacity: 82 rounds
Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.28g)
Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery


Series: Gas Blowback
Price: Undetermined
On-Sale: Coming soon
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • G19 original blowback engine is equipped with 15mm cylinder. Short recoil mechanism is renewed.
  • With extending the distance of the stroke of the piston, the recoil shock is enhanced with slight increase in gas consumption
  • Based on actual measurements of the real G19 to reproduce more realistic detail.
  • The extractor is made as a part (conventional Glock series are slide integrated type as G17). Focus on the coating of slide and the detail of appearance.
  • Magazine is newly made for G19 new Gas blowback engine.

Production Specifications:

Length: Undetermined
Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
Weight: Undetermined
Capacity: Undetermined
Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
Power Source: HFC134a、HFO1234ze+LPG


Series: Gas Blowback Machinegun
Price: Undetermined
On-Sale: Summer 2018 planned
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Tokyo Marui Original M4 Custom. “MTR16” is an abbreviation of “Multi Tactical Rifle 16inch”
  • The first short magazine of GBB Machine gun is equipped with a 20-round magazine. This magazine is compatible with the Tokyo Marui GBB M4 series.
  • M-LOK rail system is equipped with aluminum cutting resulting with a slim handguard.
  • 160inch light weight barrel is processed as twist with thinning.
  • Side two-port compensator is mainly used for real guns.
  • Charging handle, Magazine catch, Selector lever and Bolt catch are ambidextrous. Their sizes have been enlarged to for easy operation.
  • Straight-type Trigger.
  • Large-size trigger guard makes it easy to pull the trigger with gloves.
  • Grip is almost vertical to hold easily with the stock shortened.
  • QD sling adaptors are provided in five places: at the back of the frame (the bottom back of buffer tube), handguard (two spots), and end of stock (two spots).
  • Transform-stock in which the back of the stock can be reconfigured. When the direction of extension part at the bottom back of stock is changed, it is selectable convex type which can be moved up and down while posing, or concave type which the shooter put his body on stock tightly.
  • Picatinny rail appears when taking off the extension parts at the bottom back of stock. Monopod can be attached to it for stable shooting in prone position.

Production Specifications:

Length: 837 mm
Inner Barrel Length: 250 mm
Weight: 2,676g (if the magazine is empty)
Capacity: 20 rounds
Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
Power Source: HFC134a, HFO1234ze+LPG


Airsoft Guns

  • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun: Type 89 - Planned to be ready in summer, 2018 / Price (undetermined)
  • Next Generation Gun: AK74MN - Coming soon / JPY54,800. Decided to resale NEG AK74MN (No modification)
  • BB Air Revolver: PYTHON PPC CUSTOM 4in SILVER - Coming soon / JPY4,980

Option Parts

  • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun Type89 Mount Base - Release date: Same as Type 89 / Price (undetermined)
  • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun Type89 Spare Magazine - Release date: Same as Type 89 / Price (undetermined). Compatible with GBB Machine Gun M4 model
  • BB Air Revolver: SPEED LOADER .357 - Coming soon / Price (undetermined). SPEED LOADER.357 is available for following BB Air revolver models. Just pushing Speed loader set with cartridge into cylinder enables to reload BBs. Cartridge holder is equipped to set the cartridge into loader.

We'll post more information as they come in.