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Turn Your Smartphones Into Airsoft Squad Radios With Beartooth


As airsoft players, we are always in constant search of ways to lessen our load without compromising our ability to perform in an airsoft game, more specifically, airsoft milsim events. This means that for each scenario that we are faced with, we take time to plan our loadout --- shedding items that we do not need and adding some to meet mission requirements. It's always a compromise of sorts to get the optimum load without bogging us down.

What we do not compromise on apart from airsoft weapons and protective gear, is communications. We carry field radios and smartphones with smartphones for general communications with the outside world and field/squad radios for communications during a game. Thus, we carry two communications devices that also add to the overall weight of our loadout.

What if there's a way to lessen communications devices by having a two-in-one device which will also lessen weight? This means that your device can act as a Smartphone and field radio at the same time, allowing you to communicate with other people who have radios when there's no cellular coverage when playing airsoft (or going out in the  outdoors with friends). I would grab at the opportunity to grab one myself.

That's where Beartooth comes in.

It's a casing with a built-in 2000mah battery to double battery life and a retractable antenna to which you install your Smartphone on. With its proprietary software, it becomes a peer-to-peer  communications platform that allows Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice comms, messaging, and geolocation. All of these features can be used without the need of a cellular or Wifi connection unlike other mobile apps such as Voxer or Viber. For now it supports the Apple iPhone 5 and later versions; and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 phones.

Whilst it can function just like a radio, you can do selective calling with the use of CTCSS/DCS so you can communicate with selected contacts within the Beartooth Open Channel. Just like 2-way radios, it can have a  range of 2 miles and if transmitting from a higher and open elevation, it can go much farther.

What's even better is that it is backwards compatible and can be used to communicate with traditional walkie-talkies. As for frequencies Beartooth will use 151-154Mhz for VHF (MURS) and 462-467Mhz for UHF (FRS) which are unlicensed radio frequencies with MURS having a longer range which CB radio users are familiar with. FRS are those cheaper walkie-talkies you can just grab from Walmart that are in use in airsoft games and have a shorter range. For airsoft organisers that manage a big area, it is recommended to put up a repeater(s) to help increase the reach of radio comms. Beartooth will also work with commercial/industrial, first responder, and military/security organisations to create custom packages with licensed frequencies.

For now Beartooth will work in the USA and other countries that use similar regulations in radio frequencies. For European users, they will still have to wait until a PMR version will be released. As of now, Beartooth are working with the FCC to get approval for the use of device for the commercial market.

Thus, when going out to areas where you expect cellular and Wifi traffic to be heavy such as concerts and festivals,  or spotty/no cellular/Wifi coverage at all such as going to the outdoors such as playing airsoft, then Beartooth is a good mobile backup accessory to use.

If Beartooth gets fully approved, it also presents gear makers an opportunity to develop pouches for smartphones equipped with the Beartooth.  Also headsets  used for radio comms in airsoft will need to be modified in order that their connectors/adapters can be used for Beartooth.

There you go, the marriage of smartphones and radio communications in a single device with Beartooth. It also helps save on costs by removing the need to purchase of two-way radios for use in airsoft and thus, another weight reduction for the loadout. That's innovation for you.