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We Get More Social Again. Popular Airsoft Now On Google+!

Popular Airsoft On Google+

Yes we are! We're trying to increase our social networking skills by putting up our own Google+ Page. We are still noobs in the social media space and we're trying to do our best that we reach our readers and friends wherever they are online. So for now we're kicking the tyres of our spanking new Google+ Page and we'll try to improve on how to make the experience even better.

If you are already on Google+ include us in your circles and we'll share content with you. Just like at our Facebook Page and Twitter account, we'll post all the latest news, stories, reviews, videos, and photos, and what have you so that you can get updated via social media.

One of these days, let's "hangout" together and find out what are the best topics to talk about in airsoft.

So see you at our Google+ Page!