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You Are Invited To The Airsoft Surgeon 2013 European Championships

Airsoft Surgeon AIPSC UK Action Air Match May 2012

With the announcement of the first big airsoft practical shooting tournament in Europe, Popular Airsoft is proud to have partnered with RedWolf Airsoft, Airsoft Surgeon AIPSC UK, and The Grange for the Airsoft Surgeon 2013 European Championship. This means that we'll be seeing some of the best airsoft practical shooters in Europe compete in a 2-day event.

With this, we finally get some details from RedWolf Airsoft on the divisions, categories, and stages for this tournament. For more information and persons to contact, the best is to contact AIPSC UK as they will be hosting the event.

Popular Airsoft will be covering this event for the full two days to give our European readers an account of the most competitive part of airsoft that is going strong in Asia and now rising in Europe through the efforts of various airsoft practical shooting clubs. We do hope that we'll see the World Championships happen soon.

Interested European shooters can print out the details below and start booking their places for the event.

Airsoft Surgeon 2013 European Championship
19th & 20th October

The Airsoft Surgeon would like to invite all European Practical Airsoft shooters to participate in the 2013 Airsoft Surgeon 2013  European Championship.

The Championship will be shot over two days of competition.

RO Pre-Match will be on the 18 Oct and will consist of 16 stages, for an approximate total of 300 rounds.

Divisions are as follow :

Open (Max 28 rounds BB in each magazine)
Standard (Max 18 rounds BB in each magazine)
Classic (1911 single stack GBB only) (Max 10 rounds BB in each magazine)

All pistols - no full auto


Junior ( 11 – 18 years old )

Venue: The Grange, Frog Lane, Balsall Common, West Midlands, CV7 7FP
Pre-Match: 18 Oct 2013
Main Match: 19 & 20 Oct 2013
Award Presentation: 20 Oct 2013 Evening
Entry Fee: £40 per shooter