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"Airsoft Life of Terdz" Creator Wants Your Help To Revive Comic Series

Airsoft Life of Terdz Episode 14 "Team Pride"

This must be one of first crowdfunding project that involves airsoft that is not about a short film and is really pure airsoft rather than having airsoft just as a prop. It is also funny and entertaining as the creator is already well-known in the Philippine Airsoft Community and also has some following among airsoft netizens around the world.

Ryan Subong, the creator of the "Airsoft Life of Terdz" comic series wants to revive the series if he gets some financial backing for the series. Whilst he does this in his free time, he has been unable to continue the series due to burgeoning responsibilities of supporting a growing family and a salary in the Philippines can only go so far that some resort to taking additional jobs such as freelance work.

So what does Ryan ask from us? Not much really as it he needs at US$3,900 to revive the series, with the website and domain name already up and he wants those who want to see him continue posting his airsoft comics to at least lend a helping hand so he can do work on the series without sacrificing the needs of something more important, his family. The amount would help him produce 50 comic episodes for the whole year.

As of this writing, there are still 50 days to go for him to achieve the funding goal at Indiegogo.  Better yet companies which are interested to advertise can contact him in case he doesn’t achieve his funding goals from individual airsoft readers. Just in case he fails to achieve the amount, he promises to release episodes as based on the amount he raises, which should be substantial enough to motivate him to release event at least once a month or 12 comic episodes.

If you like the humour of the "Airsoft Life of Terdz" and since there is no airsoft comics right now to keep us in stitches, why not support his effort? After all, he isnot asking for much and is put to good use --- that is to keep the airsoft players entertained with his funny comics.